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Build In Public - Announcements Edition 🚀

Build In Public - Announcements Edition 🚀
By KP • Issue #32 • View online
Hey everyone,
It’s been a while since I sent a new edition of this newsletter. There’s a good reason behind my delay. Let me share what I’m up to via a string of fun announcements today. Let’s get to it.

I launched something fun for the larger founder ecosystem today.
Introducing The Founder Hotline, a retro radio-style live call-in show for founders to open up and share difficult challenges they face, get past their fears, get answers etc. [ppl can call the show anonymously too!]
The early feedback has been stellar:
“Absolutely love this idea” - Alex Friedman
We even landed a sponsor: OpenPhone
It’s on Product Hunt today, would love your support in the form of comments and questions (I’ll be answering them personally all day).
The last 30 days have been a special time for personal growth but it feels like life is moving so fast. Many of you follow me and so you probably know many of these. I’ll keep these short and punchy:
  • Landed a new role as Director at Day One. Full story here.
  • Launched a new program at the new job. Full story here.
  • Launched a new Internet weekly series on Waitroom called “Ask KP Show”. Full story here.
  • Launched a new info product with Sharath Kuruganty called “Minimum Viable Podcast Playbook”. Full story here. [Note: Launch Price is locked in at $19 until Aug 15, 2022 and then it will go up from there so act fast if you’re interested :)]
That’s all for now. Appreciate you always.
Hopefully I’ll “hear” from some of you “on air” at The Founder Hotline.
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