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Build In Public - A spotlight on Softr, a no-code tool you must try! ⭐️

Build In Public - A spotlight on Softr, a no-code tool you must try! ⭐️
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Hey everyone,
Many of you have probably dabbled with no-code a bit and if so you know how powerful Airtable as a database is. I’ve been playing a new tool called Softr that combines really well with Airtable and elevates your no-code game to a whole new level. Here’s a simple project I’ve built in less than an hour on Softr. It is gradually becoming my latest obsession because of its wide variety of use-cases and how it connects seamlessly to Airtable. I love the product and the founders who are extremely helpful and approachable on Twitter. Today, I hunted Softr on Product Hunt and sat down with their co-founder and CEO Mariam Hakobyan for a super brief chat. Below is our conversation:

Interview with Mariam Hakobyan, CEO of
1. What’s Softr? What’s the latest launch about?
Softr is the easiest and fastest way to build powerful web apps and client portals from Airtable, in minutes. No coding required. No learning curve. 
2. Who is it built for? Who are some personas that are finding the most value from Softr?
Softr’s customers are creators and companies. Creators use Softr to launch a membership or SaaS business. Companies automate manual work and make their processes more efficient, by creating client and employee portals.
3. What’s an impressive stat or milestone you’ve crossed that you’d like to share? 
Since our first launch on ProductHunt when Softr got featured as the #1 Product of the day, we have made huge progress 
 Softr is now used by more than 10,000 companies and creators around the world. And this is all our loyal users and the awesome no-code community who’ve been using Softr since the start and helped us create what you see today. We wouldn’t be here without them.
4. What’s one “building in public” tip you’d like to share with our audience? 
Contribute to your community, share value first. 
One thing I learned is that the result of your launch, customer engagement or community support is directly correlated to your contribution and how helpful have you been to the community :) People are open and willing to help those who are in their tribe, who give first and actively engage. 
5. Why should people pay attention to no-code according to you? How does it help founders?
No-code is the future. Simply said, it’s just another level of abstraction of building software products. No-code’s unique angle is it gives superpowers to everyone without tech skills to start a business, monetize their skills, automate processes and build internal tools autonomously inside their company. 
6. Where can people find you and follow you on the Internet? 
You can always reach me on Twitter - or follow Softr for future updates -
Hope you enjoyed the interview and will check out Softr on Product Hunt and support the launch. (PS: This newsletter edition was NOT sponsored … I just enjoy the product and figured I’d share their story/launch with you all.)
Feel free to hit reply and let me know what you think of these occasional interviews with founders and builders. I’m always curious to hear your feedback :)
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