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🚨 Announcement Alert 🚨 I'm dropping a mega Twitter resource on BUILD IN PUBLIC

🚨 Announcement Alert 🚨 I'm dropping a mega Twitter resource on BUILD IN PUBLIC
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Hey everyone,
Some of you know my story but if I have to summarize the last 3 years in 10 bullets of inflection points, here’s how it would look like:
  • Jan 2018, I was a nobody in startups, stuck in a dead-end corporate job due to visa challenges
  • Oct 2018, read a book called Atomic Habits and in 5 days shipped my 1st no-code project which became #1 Product of the day on Product Hunt
  • Nov 2018, crossed 414 followers on Twitter (the highest I ever had until then!)
  • Aug 2020, shipped my 10th no-code project that got acquired within 2 months
  • Sep 2020, secured a better visa, announced my interest publicly to enter the startup world
  • Oct 2020: Got a ton of interviews, finally accepted On Deck in public
  • Jan 2021: Became the program director at On Deck and launched the 1st ever no-code fellowship
  • May 2021: Started a podcast, got legends like Gary Vee on it
  • Aug 2021, Hit 18k followers on Twitter
Seems like a dream run, doesn’t it? But to be honest, it wasn’t all roses and rainbows. The journey of building in public was far from such a smooth ride as it seems from this highlight reel.
There were many moments where I felt lonely and clueless. I lived through months of feeling like I was “tweeting into the void” and was discouraged as a content creator. I felt like I wasn’t good enough or that people didn’t care about what I have to say. Which were mostly untrue and were a result of my attitude of just winging it without any structure or an intentional playbook. 
In June 2020, however, after 2 years of false starts, I did something peculiar. I made an intentional decision to go from an intermittent creator to an intentional creator on Twitter. I told myself I want to stop chasing perfection and focus on consistency instead. I also started documenting what works and what doesn’t, studied other prolific creators and experimented with new content formats.
This helped me grow my Twitter audience from 414 people to almost 18k today with over 5k on email subscribers. I gained conviction to create more content boldly and started a podcast…and began taking wilder shots publicly and even got Gary Vee to come to my podcast. 🎉
It’s safe to say Twitter changed my life as I became more intentional with it. 
So this month, after much persuasion from my friends and other creator peers, I decided to create a mega resource and open up all my playbooks so many others like me can take the path I’ve been on. I plan to include anecdotes from my early days, ways to find your voice in a niche like I did, my personal experiments, tweet threads, content formats that worked well for me and make the whole thing as actionable as possible.  
If you work in tech and startups, there is an insane amount of power in being a content creator on Twitter these days. I hope you’ll enjoy this mega resource of my key lessons, playbooks, insights, and actionable advice so you can level up your *build in public* game.
Who is this resource for?
  • founders who are ready to commit to building in public
  • builders, creators, and no-code makers already on the path of building in public but could use more inspiration and structure
  • people who’ve seen me execute various playbooks in public and want to learn from me
Early bird pricing for pre-orders was $24 for the first 50 copies and they were sold out in 4 hours.
The new price is $99 for 100 copies (only 71 left) and will go up after that. Grab your copy now here.
Thanks for reading :)

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