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By Michael van Lier

Builders is a Rotterdam based startup studio. Get updates on our studio and ventures, and receive inspiring content we think is worth sharing.

Builders is a Rotterdam based startup studio. Get updates on our studio and ventures, and receive inspiring content we think is worth sharing.

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🚀 Funding alert: Builders Studio closes €1.5 million! 🚀

We received an overwhelming response to our funding announcement and thought to share a more candid experience of how we went about this round, and what we learnt from it. Check it out, and share your thoughts!Silicon Canals has published a piece about our fu…


Launching our dream-team into space 🚀

To be an evergreen studio, we need a constant stream of well-researched, data-driven ideas as per market trends. For this, welcome, Giannis Filandros as our new Venture Analyst. He is joining the studio to help create disruptive venture ideas to add to our sp…


Have your brand make friends and build a community - and how to do it

Sharon and I were at the GSSN gathering in Hamburg, Germany this month, where we had the opportunity to meet, network and explore fellow studio-based entrepreneurs from across Europe.Influentials has introduced several new add-ons to the platform, with the in…


Connecting new ventures, and loads of studio news!

With 161 successful campaigns and 1100 new influencers joining the platform, Influentials is the busiest it's ever been! Mind you, we're only halfway into the year. Can't wait to see them soar even higher in the coming months.Influentials CEO Dana de Koning w…


The future of Proptech - Onwards and upwards!

Influentials is adding a new and unique feature to its product - the Connections. With this feature, brands can directly communicate with influencers, and curate their own network of content creators.Are you an investor or future founder at Builders? Or do yo…


We’re busy building, and we’re bigger than ever!

Our venture Obeyo has officially launched the first beta version of its platform, including an updated product deck and a new website!Obeyo has also expanded its roster of launching customers with three new additions- French co-living operators Homies, Colive…


Let’s talk about real estate and web3

It's a wrap! We hosted our second Ideator unconference with founders and market experts in real estate and PropTech. While this was the final one this year, we're currently crafting our event agenda for 2022!The Obeyo team launched their first podcast episode…


The art of shipping great software

The team keeps on growing! Please meet Pim Baljon and Ninke Hensbergen, joining our core studio growth team.We got spooky and scary at our Halloween-themed Friday drinks last week.Our director of product, Robbert van Geldrop facilitated a course on Business M…


Diving deeper into PropTech

We officially launched Obeyo after months of extensive validation and conversations with 100+ shared living operators.We had a nice conversation with our friends at Startup Studio Insider about our studio and the ecosystem. We are super excited to be featured…


Calling all movers and shakers in real estate

Exciting news! We partnered up with Notion for startups to offer our ventures $1,000 off their team plan. We recently had a nice conversation with our friends at Startup Studio Insider about our studio and the ecosystem. Startup Studio Insider is a creative a…


Decoding the PropTech space

Our director of product, Robbert van Geldrop talked about SaaS metrics and pricing at the Dutch SaaS Bazen Meetup.Payment is now fully automated on the Influentials platform.Andreea Buțincu recently joined our core studio team as Operations & Community Ma…


Making steps towards a DEI aware universe

Our very own Dana de Koning celebrated five years at Influentials this month! Started as an intern in 2016, Dana is now leading team Influentials as Operations Manager and is considered one of the thought leaders in the online influencer marketing space.We're…


Water cooler talks

We started a new tradition at Builders, during our annual Launch Dinner we kick-off our yearly studio goals and plans together with our studio team; the first edition was good fun!Builders got recognized as one of the 50 most important Venture Builders in Eur…


2020 is a wrap, and 2021 has been launched

Meet Robbert van Geldrop, our new Director of Product at Builders. As a long-time friend of the studio, Robbert will lead our product and tech-related operations to supercharge our current and future ventures.Team Influentials kicks off 2021 with a fresh new …


Spreading the word in 2020

We have introduced Remotion to our studio team and ventures, and we love it.If nothing else, 2020 has been a great year for SaaS companies.The recent report on the performance of SaaS companies shows the benefits of focusing on vertical SaaS.The successful CO…


Narrowing down our CTO search

The IPO market is the hottest it has been in years with SaaS companies in the spotlight.Snowflake, the recent IPO success story, is one of the biggest successes of the startup studio model.Ben Thompson from Stratechery elaborates on the long-standing question…


Big news, shorter name

This month we also announced that Michael Steinmann had joined our studio as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR). Michael is an experienced CCO with a strong track record in scaling teams in hyper-growth scale-up and start-up companies. As an EIR at Builders, …


Exit! Exit! Read all about it

High Alpha on product-led growth (PLG) for SaaS businesses.NASA on launching their new startup studio virtually.An in-depth whitepaper on understanding startup studio legal structures by FutureSight.Our home base Rotterdam was recently included in the ‘Tech C…


It's time to build

Influentials. As we're rounding up our open marketplace access in response to COVID-19, we look ahead on the many great the outputs. Since our announcement in April, a lot of new and existing customers joined the platform and created dozens of amazing campaig…


An ode to culture and the office

IPS. “100% up-time, no technical hassles and knowing that things are well organised. When things do tend to fail, IPS already solved the issue before we even noticed it”. This is just one of many quotes inside the brand new partner pages and cases at IPS. By…