Buffer Hits - Issue #3: All You Need to Know About Twitter's 140 Character Update





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September 23 · Issue #3 · View online

The most shared links posted through Buffer's social media scheduling tool this week.

The Top 10 Most Shared Pieces of Content This Week
1. All You Need to Know About Twitter's 140 Character Update
2. The Third Transportation Revolution
3. Google Is Grouping Keyword Volumes - What Does This Mean for SEO?
4. The Thumb Zone: Designing For Mobile Users
5 Tips to Get Your Business Started on Social Media
6. Everything you need to know about Google's 'Possum' algorithm update
7. Seth's Blog: Three things to keep in mind about your reputation
8. 3 Ways to Use Google Analytics to Evaluate Your Audience
9. How to Fix Crawl Errors in Google Search Console
10. Generate 100+ Blog Topic Ideas in Seconds
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