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BSN News & Jobs -Teach, Live, Learn Q&A - with Roberto Iannandrea

The British School in The Netherlands - HR
The British School in The Netherlands - HR
Roberto is Head of Music at Senior School Voorschoten and instigator of our school record label, BSN Sessions. Here, he answers our Q&A about working at the BSN and living in The Netherlands. #BSNTeachLiveLearn
Is BSN your first teaching position abroad?
I was a prolific session musician based in the UK and occasionally toured Europe, North America and Australia. Since becoming a teacher I taught music in London, Malawi, Gabon and Nepal before settling here.
What inspires you about teaching in an international context?
The possibility to confront myself with different cultures. I still regard traveling as one of the best educational experiences. It’s incredible how much you can learn just by experiencing different and vibrant contexts.
What inspired you to apply for The BSN in particular?
At the time I had 1 child and 1 more was on the way. Due to the fact that the family was expanding me and my wife decided it was time to settle somewhere in Europe closer to our families. When I saw the advert I knew that the BSN was going to be the perfect school to work at. A school that trusts your expertise and at the same time provides opportunities for professional growth. It’s not by chance that I was able to set up BSN Sessions (the official school record label) here at the BSN. 

What was the biggest adjustment/challenge when moving to The Netherlands?
The weather! After 6 years of uninterrupted summers it was difficult to cycle in wind and rain!
What’s the best thing about living in The Netherlands?
It’s a country that is extremely developed and at the same time rural. I love the fact that you can immerse yourself in bustling city life but you can cycle for 10 minutes anywhere to find nature and tranquillity. I also like the fact that this country accepts you for who you are, and at the same time, welcomes you in a close-knit community.
What advice would you give a new colleague on their first day at BSN?
Smile, be open, ask for help!
What’s the most valuable lesson about Teaching you have learned since joining the BSN?
Passion is always at the heart of teaching or any initiative involving students’ learning.
What was the most recent profession development course/workshop you have done?
I have been just been awarded the MBA in Educational Leadership at the UCL – IOE with Merit. My dissertation was structured around a case study investigating the potential of Artificial Intelligence in the secondary school sector from a senior leadership perspective. The course was partially funded by the BSN ILA and it really helped me to improve my leadership skills here at the BSN as well providing an excellent platform for future challenges.
 Favourite teaching resource/professional book?
Impact - an educational journal published every quarter by the Chartered College of Teaching, as founding fellow, I would encourage every teacher to support the Chartered College and connect to an excellent professional teachers’ network.
Describe BSN in 3 words?
Trust, challenge, growth
 What do you do to unwind after a busy day at school?
I like to play with my children and, when the weather is kind, go for short walks with the whole family (and the dog).
What’s your favourite destination for a weekend getaway?
I usually prefer to stay in the vicinity and explore my neighbourhood. It’s amazing how many things you can do close by where you live! I usually plan my trips for the half terms and my preferred destination is Malawi in Easter. For me and my family, it’s a very special place.
Who inspires you?
My grandfather – Nonno Celestino. He recently passed away at 102 years old. He was part of a very unlucky generation who suffered the rise of a dictatorship, the evil of the second world war and the economic consequences of the post war life struggles. Regardless of that, he always kept a positive outlook in life. He wrote a book at 95 years old about war and his imprisonment and dedicated it to the ‘future generations’ so they would nurture the importance of peace and freedom.
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The British School in The Netherlands - HR
The British School in The Netherlands - HR @/BSNHRDept/

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