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Newsletter from Bryan Forsythe Wheee hee! Issue 10

Bryan Forsythe
Bryan Forsythe
Last week I talked about big dreams, even describing a technique for finding yours. Click here if you missed it. 
In my case, what I call my, “big why”, is helping 1000 people discover and fulfill their dreams despite depression. Whatever you call yours…big goal, why, life pursuit or dream, progress toward it is one of the easiest ways to manage, or lessen your chances of depression. I say lessen, as there is no sure way to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Wait! You say. If that’s true then why worry about it?
Here are three reasons:
1. Self denial. Most of us get up way too early, to wear clothes we don’t like, and fall in to work with people who feel the same, doing God knows what, for too little compensation. Then we get up the next day and do it all again. Badda-boom, badda bang! Light bill gets paid, life goes on, right?
While the self denial mindset is what makes our, “normal” life possible, when we aren’t paying attention it spreads. Soon like a malevolent amoeba it has sucked up everything, becoming life’s guiding principle. You begin to deny your decisions, your feelings, and ultimately your self worth. You no longer see your tiniest dream as possible. Eventually after years of continual, self denial you may even suffer depression. This is why work towards your big dream must be a conscious decision each day.
2. Who you are. Despite what your boss may think, you are not the happy, 8—whenever-er, in the go-getter monkey suit. Deep inside you are still the child, who once spent hours throwing sand in the air, giggling to see it drift by in the shifting breezes. That child is who you are, and ignoring this fact can have disastrous consequences. If you don’t consciously set aside your, dreaming “me” time, giving that child something to do other than work, go to sleep, then work, it’ll happen unconsciously. You’ll over eat, breaking the diet you say you want. You’ll drink too much and miss your workout. You’ll stay up too late, then wallow in bed, setting fifteen alarms at 3 minute intervals, dreading the day.
If this sounds like you, it’s never too late to get on a different path.
However, without a clear commitment to do it, the perceived immediacy of the mundane will take precedence. 
Instead of doing thirty minutes of writing, or reading that book on the new whatever it is you want to learn, (you know that one which you never seem to finish??), you’ll spend an hour flipping through Facebook. It’s so easy to do, right? No commitment, nothing, just flippin the old thumb up and down, scrolling, scrolling.
However, Facebook scrolling doesn’t satisfy the restless child in you, for it knows the true depth of what you are capable. You are descended from world changing masters, one step removed from the guy who created the wheel barrow. Yes, you are without a doubt, meant for greater things. Therefore, your inner child craves time spent building, creating, singing, painting, doing, being, and learning, all of which have real tangible returns. Besides, unlike mindless, fake-activity, your conscious commitment to dedicated me time, will lead to increasing self worth, and confidence. You’ll notice these effects bleed into all aspects of your life, which could lead to a better job, higher pay. Heck, maybe that “me time” activity turns into a side hustle so successful you no longer have to wear shoes! Which leads me to the last point….
3. It just might save your life. Yep. There are plenty of instances where people went from about to die, to cured and happy, by leaving the race and pursuing their big dreams. Take Kamal Ravikant, (who I truly respect and admire) author of Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It. His body was literally dying and no one could figure out why, then he started a dedicated aim of self care. At only 70 pages, his book has sold like a gazillion copies! Take that naysayer voice which says mine at 50 pages is too short!
So, yeah, both I and Kamal think self care, and me time, is super important.
Start today, by blocking out and defending a bit of time. Be warned however, it may feel like dredging an atoll in a rainstorm at first. Stick with it, though, and soon it’ll grow to be a balmy island, then your own private country. Think about it, eventually you’ll have established country of YOUR NAME here. More importantly, your life will begin to look different. Each day you’ll feel better, more in control, focused, and replenished.
Regardless whether you are depressed or not, my goal this year is to help 1000 people, (and you too) discover, cultivate, and work towards your life’s dream, vision, or big why. 
Please if you have enjoyed and benefited from this, please share it to benefit others as well. 
Till next week. 
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Bryan Forsythe
Bryan Forsythe @unstuckinc

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