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👋 Meet the New Director of Youth Quake | Briercrest Connections - Issue #6

Briercrest Connections
Welcome to the October edition of Briercrest Connections! We’re excited to share with you what students and alumni have been up to this fall.
In this edition:
  • A campus update + an update on the numbers
  • Students can now join us in November!
  • Meet the new Director of Youth Quake
  • Alumni appearing in ad campaigns and celebrating anniversaries
  • Thinking through mental health and hospitality
Thanks for clicking and for sharing all your stories with us so far! We hope you enjoy this edition of Briercrest Connections.

On-campus students have made the most of this unseasonably warm and long-lasting Caronport fall!
On-campus students have made the most of this unseasonably warm and long-lasting Caronport fall!
The beginning of the year has been marked with a flurry of activity—but thankfully, no actual flurries yet. ❄️
From hanging out together in common spaces, partaking in trivia nights, and even running a socially distanced SpikeBall tournament (here’s a video for reference/pointers on your game), students have been making the most of being back at Briercrest.
Most importantly, face to face education and discipleship are happening on campus. Students and staff alike feel very blessed to participate in classes and evening chapels every Monday–Thursday, and God is certainly at work among us.
We could say more, but if you want to experience it through the eyes of a student, check out this new endeavour of ours: a student vlog! Watch “A Day in the Life” here.
A Day in the Life at Briercrest College
An update on the numbers
If you asked the Briercrest student in your family, “How are enrolment numbers looking?” this weekend, this one’s for you.
We’re grateful to have hit our COVID-adjusted fall enrolment goals! We are celebrating student enrolment of 665 across our three schools, and a strong increase in returning students in both our College and Seminary.
As we all face continued uncertainty, we’re excited about multiple new opportunities to bring in new students throughout the year. Along with continual Seminary intakes (new students sign up for classes throughout the year!), our new semester models in the College and Christian Academy mean new intake opportunities for students seeking face to face education and discipleship!
Welcoming new students this November
In the College, we’re already gearing up for a new session starting November 2nd—and we’re offering 10% off tuition to students who join us mid-year!
You, our alumni, play an enormous role in encouraging a student towards Christian education at Briercrest. If you know a student seeking in-person discipleship and education this year, please consider sharing this blog with them!
Why You Should Consider Coming to Briercrest this November
Weekly COVID-19 update
COVID? More like NO-VID: we’re rolling into our fifth consecutive week of no COVID cases on campus! Keep up with our COVID updates at the link below.
Kait Giddings (Kaléo '14 and College '19) hosting at Youth Quake this year.
Kait Giddings (Kaléo '14 and College '19) hosting at Youth Quake this year.
The Youth Quake crown has officially been passed down to alumna Kait Giddings. More accurately, Kait has finally accepted the role AJ’s been planning to give for her for years.
This process began 2.5 years ago, when Kait officially joined Briercrest’s staff as YQ Coordinator. But her love for YQ began when she was just a retreater. Kait completed the Kaléo leadership program and then came to Briercrest, where she got involved with Youth Quake immediately.
She has served faithfully with Youth Quake for the past five years, going from student team member to Student Leader, Senior Student Leader, YQ Coordinator and, most recently, Assistant Director of Youth Quake.⁠
It’s a well-deserved rise to the top, and very intentional leadership transition. Former Director AJ Crocker said,
“One of our stated institutional values here at Briercrest is proactively developing leaders. Kait is a leader that Briercrest has given the space to grow and who has responded by making a significant contribution. I’m really proud of her and very thankful for willingness to step into this role.⁠”
With this transition, Youth Quake’s iconic duo is officially an uno.
“While I will pop-in and co-host a few things with her, Kait has the keys now and I couldn’t be happier to hand-off to a young leader as capable and faithful as Kait is."⁠
Speaking of Youth Quake… ⁠
With a physical event in February off the table, what’s new with YQ this year?! Just about everything… including The Youth Quake Show happening live every Thursday evening!
We love this innovative approach to connecting with youth and their groups digitally. Kait and her team, plus co-host AJ, will be holding discussions on the big topics youth are facing today, and having a ton of fun doing it.
But don’t just take our word for it… watch episode 2 of the show below! Follow Youth Quake on Facebook to keep up with the show.
The YQ Show: Episode Two | Live on Facebook
If you’ve ever lived in Caronport, you’re well familiar with the farm across the highway. Perhaps you can easily recall the way that sweet “dairy air” reached your dorm room or maybe you spent service hours moving hay bales and mucking stalls.
For over 40 years, Caroncrest Farms has been owned and operated by Blayne McLeod and his family, and to this day their dairy parlour provides milk across the prairies. Blayne and Marlie’s sons, Mike and Mark, are both full time staff at the farm and alumni of our schools.
Recently, Caroncrest Farms was featured in a national ad campaign for Dairy Farmers of Canada! We’re proud to say, “Hey! We know those guys!”
Hey Dairy Farmer: Caring for the Planet
October 10th was World Mental Health Day, and we want to take a moment to acknowledge the many challenges our world is currently facing and the negative health effects these have had on so many.
We invite you to read this special blog post wrestling with common lies about mental illness from our friend Sari Faith, a registered psychologist who has previously served as our Director of Counselling and Health Services at Briercrest.
Am I a Bad Christian Because I Deal with Anxiety or Depression?
Missing hospitality? Don’t miss this blog!
Thinking about hospitality in a new light recently? You’re not alone. One of our recent alumni, Matt Durksen (College ‘19), helped us think through one of the most important yet unnoticed aspects of our Christian discipleship: eating together. Check out his guide to the cafeteria below.
Do you have a favourite Briercrest cafeteria story? Hit 'reply’ to let us know!
What We Bring to the Table: Finding Community in the Cafeteria
We’d love to share more with you about what’s going on around our three schools. If you’re interested, click here to read our Annual Report for 2020!
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One particular alumni couple wrote in to tell us that they have just celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary and we couldn’t be happier to be able to wish you a happy anniversary, Cecil and Ruth! They met right here at Briercrest, and all four of their children are also our alum.
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