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Tidbits from Brian - Issue #9

Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson
Inflation blues or opportunity?
As the cost of housing, food, and gas increased over the last year, I tried to shrug them off at first. But I think we’re beyond that point now. Paying close to $100 for a tank of gas (many outside the US pay more!) or $10 for sliced turkey is absurd. Nobody is getting pay raises to keep up with rising inflation or what some might call currency debasement. 
I’ve been cutting back a lot over the past six months (full-on college Top Ramen mode). Why? Besides things costing more, now is also, ironically, the best time to invest. It’s anyone’s guess on how far or bad things will get. That’s why I continue to dollar-cost-average (DCA) into stocks, Bitcoin, etc. Put it this way, if things don’t go back up (which they always do), we’re at an end of the world situation, so it doesn’t matter anyway.
And while it might be a great opportunity, it’s never fun watching things go down or bleed. But I’m not about to try and time this market, it’s about “time in the market.”
With that being said, I think a lot of us probably feel like this in the morning after checking the markets.👇

After checking the markets in the morning...
After checking the markets in the morning...
Updates ✍️
GenerateBlocks 1.5 is finally here! I’m more excited about this update than anything else in the WordPress space this year. Why? Because it contains dynamic data, query loops, and inline background images. I’ve used the WP Show Posts plugin for years, and now I can ditch this and do everything with GenerateBlocks. Make sure to also check out the new pattern library!
Version 1.9.2 (rolled out middle of June) was a massive update for our Perfmatters plugin. Thanks to all the feedback we got from customers, we’ve been able to make many reliability improvements and get some annoying bugs squashed. Our Unused CSS feature is also now officially out of beta.
I’m regularly working with clients needing to add filters or snippets of code to their sites. I decided it was time to write a quick tutorial on how to add custom PHP to your WordPress site (the easy way). Check it out.
Interesting things 🔎
  • From VAT MOSS, to Brexit (HMRC), to now Making Tax Digital (MTD). I really wish the UK would stop changing things.
  • Ulysses now has tables! Not that I really need these, but it’s still my favorite writing app.
  • Private Access Tokens: eliminating CAPTCHAs on iPhones and Macs with open standards.
  • Picture-in-Picture and multi-pinning are available for Google Meet in Chrome. This is a great update!
  • Internet Explorer was once synonymous with the Internet, but it’s now gone for good.
  • How does Cloudways not allow you to add existing accounts for collaboration? Ran into this recently.
  • I somehow missed the announcement about LinkedIn getting native dark mode. See how to turn it on.
  • RIP for the Atom editor. I use Sublime, but I know many out there used this.
  • Check out CropScore, a cool little image cropper for content creators.
  • If you’re curious, 500 songs in lossless format are approximately 28 GB, whereas the same # in standard quality is a little over 8 GB. 🎵
  • It’s very annoying when a WordPress theme loads the entire Material Icons library (a whopping 128 KB) when only two icons are used. 🤦 
  • Kinsta has been on fire recently. They launched another two data centers in Columbus, Ohio 🇺🇸 and Dallas, Texas. 🤠
  • How will affiliates be impacted by Google’s third-party cookie ban. A good overview.
  • I recently trashed 27 blog posts. 🗑️ As an SEO, don’t be afraid to delete bad/old content. See more of my SEO tips.
Crypto (not financial advice)
Buckle up folks, it's gonna be a long ride
Buckle up folks, it's gonna be a long ride
If you’re ever in the Scottsdale, AZ area, hit me up, and we can grab a coffee! ☕️👋
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Brian Jackson
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