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Tidbits from Brian - Issue #6

Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson
2022 is a year for self-improvement!
Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had an unhealthy addiction to sugary soda. I drank sodas throughout high school, late nights at college, and into my adult life. Ironically, I eat pretty healthy now (rarely eat fast food), am gluten-free, and work out on a regular basis.
However, I’ve been trying to better myself over the last couple of years—both mentally and physically. Health is wealth, as they say. So over the last couple of months, I’ve been trying to quit soda.
Quitting an addiction (changing a habit) is hard. Thankfully, I’ve found a good substitute, which has allowed me to reduce my soda and sugar intake by around 95%. I’ve never been a huge fan of sparkling water, but Spindrift has just enough flavor that I’ve dropped soda altogether! Here’s to forming a new habit and sticking with it. 💪

Spindrift sparkling water
Spindrift sparkling water
Updates ✍️
WordPress updates can be like the wild wild west. I always encourage site owners to wait to update plugins and themes for at least a week after they’re released. There are some exceptions to this rule, but it can save you a lot of grief. Check out what I do.
In case you missed it, I strongly encourage you to read through my post on how I got orange-pilled on Bitcoin and why you should be holding some. The financial industry is rapidly changing, and it’s exciting! But you don’t want to get left behind.
Performance is extremely important to both my brother and me. In our last Novashare update, we managed to refactor our main JS file to be more efficient. It’s now 25% smaller! Every byte matters these days when it comes to Core Web Vitals.
Interesting things 🔎
Crypto (not financial advice)
Brian Jackson
The easiest way to invest in #bitcoin successfully is to simply DCA regularly (or when the price drops below your avg. buy price). Rinse and repeat over a long period of time.

Tip: Use @CoinMarketCap's free portfolio tracker.

Detach your emotions, and you'll be successful.
Until next time! 👋
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Brian Jackson
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