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Tidbits from Brian - Issue #12

Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson
When you can’t seem to catch a break…
Have you ever had those months where it seems like the entire world is working against you? That was my mine.
First, the amp blew in my car. So I had to drive around for weeks without music, waiting for the replacement part to come in (not cheap, either). I now know what my worst nightmare is: silence. 😅🦗
Next, I got sick. One of the downfalls to running your own business is that you don’t get sick days. So you just have to push through and do what you can between naps and Theraflu. Support tickets and development become a lot harder when it takes all of your energy just to sit up.
Then, to throw another wrench into the mix, my brother and business partner also got sick. Usually, we cover for one another. But we’ve never both been sick at the same time. So let’s just say it hasn’t been a fun month. Or rather, we wish we could have just fast-forwarded at times.
We’re not quite back to 100% yet, but getting there. At least I’m cranking up my synthwave playlist again. 😄 🔊 Just hoping for a smoother October.

Sometimes you wish you could just fast forward or skip a month 😅
Sometimes you wish you could just fast forward or skip a month 😅
Updates ✍️
We pushed out a new version of our Perfmatters plugin. It includes additional autosave intervals and many improvements for lazy loading, including CSS background images. We’ve been fine-tuning this over the past couple of months and are happy now with the results. It works great with pretty much every solution out there, including Elementor, GeneratePress, Astra, Oxygen, Divi, Avada, etc. 
We pushed out a new version of our Novashare plugin. We added a new inline content option to show in feeds (this was highly requested). We have quite a few developers that use our plugin, so we’ve added three more filters to let you further manipulate things. A few bugs have been fixed as well.
Ever need some lightweight progress bars for your WordPress site? I wrote up a quick tutorial on how to easily do it with only CSS, no JavaScript or jQuery.
Interesting things 🔎
  • Snagit, the app I use for taking screenshots for documentation and blog posts, is 20% off right now through September 30!
  • Twitter is testing an edit button. Don’t worry; there will be rules. I know I’ve deleted a few tweets before due to typos. Could be nice.
  • Discovered this awesome little hack when editing long documents in Confluence.
  • Screenshot any tweet. Check out the MightyShare Bot.
  • Trello finally got more label colors. It’s about time.
  • A new HTTPS report is being rolled out in Google Search Console.
Bitcoin (not financial advice)
Brian Jackson
It's all about changing your mindset. 🧠 I've seen this throughout my entire career.

Viewing every customer support interaction as an "opportunity" instead of a chore will change the underlying fundamentals of how your business grows, markets, and develops. 💪

If you’re ever in the Scottsdale, AZ area, hit me up, and we can grab a coffee! ☕️👋
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Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson @brianleejackson

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