Tidbits from Brian (Happy 2022) - Issue #3



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Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson
Hope everyone is having a good holiday season! 🎄🥂
It might be December, but it’s a nice 72 degrees outside in Arizona. So I’m taking advantage of it.
I’m sure most of you would agree, 2021 has been a whirlwind of a year. But it’s important to remember not to take what we have for granted. I love this LinkedIn post on keeping everything in perspective
I’m confident that 2022 is going to be a little more normal, or at least I hope. 😅 Regardless, there is a lot of exciting stuff going on, from WordPress to crypto.

Fresh content ✍️
Over the last decade, I’ve thought a lot about what makes me happy. Ironically, I discovered a lot of it has to do with my mental and physical health. I wrote up some of my thoughts.
I’m constantly testing and trying new Mac apps to improve my workflow. I’ve done a complete update for 2022 of all my favorite Mac apps that I use. I guarantee you’ll find something you can use!
I know many of you are optimizing WordPress sites. I wrote up a quick doc on fixing the “Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy” warning from PageSpeed Insights. Feel free to bookmark it if needed.
Interesting things 🔎
  • Snagit 2022 is out, and it’s great! I use this to take all the screenshots you see on the woorkup blog, our plugin docs, etc.
  • PHP 8.1 is now available at Kinsta. Sources are reporting a 5-8% performance increase. However, I would hold off until WordPress 5.9 in January to use it in production.
  • Perfmatters now has a preload critical images feature, exclude leading images from lazy loading, and fade-in. See changelog.
  • Grammarly finally launched native Apple Silicon support. And they did it at the OS level, which means I can now use Grammarly inside Ulysses! Awesome.
  • Our Novashare plugin got a new share button which we are very excited about. Many of you have asked for this. See changelog.
  • In case you missed it, State of the Word 2021 is up and streaming online. WordPress now powers 43% of the web! I’m excited about its future.
  • WordPress is getting a language switcher on the login page. This will be really nice for those working with clients around the globe.
Crypto (not financial advice)
  • RadioShack is getting into the DeFi space. Ya, I couldn’t believe it either. However, not impressed with who’s running it. It’s the YouTube Lambo guy. 🤦
  • Fidelity is launching a Spot Bitcoin ETF in Canada. The United States falls behind.
  • Credit Unions are seeking regulator approval to hold crypto assets. They want to beat the banks to the punch.
  • Want a stress-free way to start DCA'ing into Bitcoin? I’ve been using the BlockFi credit card for six months now and earning Bitcoin back on all my day-to-day purchases. It’s awesome.
Always do what you are afraid to do. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
Have a great new year! And remember to take some time to recharge as we go into 2022.
Until next time.
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Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson @brianleejackson

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