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Talent Edge Weekly - Issue #108

Talent Edge Weekly - Issue #108
By Brian Heger • Issue #108 • View online
Welcome to this week’s issue of Talent Edge Weekly - the weekly newsletter for human resources practitioners, bringing together talent and HR insights from various sources.
  • Redesigning Jobs, Organizations, and Work | Josh Bersin | A 15-page paper on how firms can redesign aspects of work to recruit, develop, and retain the talent they need. I expand on a section referencing skill adjacencies.
  • Can’t Fill Jobs? Deconstruct Them | MIT Sloan Management Review | Ravin Jesuthasan and John Boudreau share ideas from their forthcoming book–Work Without Jobs–on how decomposing jobs into tasks can help firms reframe talent problems they are trying to solve.
  • 100 Questions You Can Answer With HR Analytics | McBassi & Company | A list of 100 questions that CHROs and their teams can use when identifying which people analytics and metrics might provide the most value.
  • Report: The Fabric of Belonging: How to Weave an Inclusive Culture | Bain & Co. | A 24-page report that covers ideas on how to enable feelings of belonging in an organization. I provide a bonus reference that helps firms measure aspects of inclusion.
  • Reinventing Gender Diversity Programs for a Post-Pandemic World | BCG | Explores changes in many women’s work preferences and values in a post-pandemic world.
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Have a safe week everyone!
Brian Heger is a human resources practitioner with a Fortune 150 organization and has responsibilities for Strategic Talent and Workforce Planning. To connect with Brian on Linkedin, click here.

Redesigning Jobs, Organizations,
and Work | Josh Bersin
Can’t Fill Jobs? Deconstruct
Them | MIT Sloan Management Review
100 Questions You Can Answer  
with HR Analytics | McBassi & Company
Report: The Fabric of Belonging: How to Weave an Inclusive Culture | Bain & Co.
Reinventing Gender Diversity Programs for a Post-Pandemic World | BCG
The New Rules of Succession Planning | strategy + business Offers a three-step plan to help firms overcome challenges encountered in succession planning.
Sample LinkedIn Comments
(1) Brian, nice read… another challenge is many organizations do not make the talent review and succession process transparent!!
How can you develop a successor when they are not even aware that they are?
(2) The key to succession planning is to truly identify if an experience or proven ability to X will make that person a more viable candidate for a role. So often we put time binding or experiential moves but the question I go to is “If this role opened today would you support this person to move into the role? If yes, how do you think this person is prepared to not only do the job as it is coped today, but evolve it to meet our future needs. If no, what do you need to see from a proven capabilities, behaviors or experience standpoint, to be able to support this move in the future?” Then you can challenge from there. For succession plans to be “real”, honest, candid dialogue is required and the outcomes don’t always fit into the models we build to capture outcomes at large organizations.
Brian Heger
Four Common Challenges Holding Your #PeopleAnalytics Strategy Back - including overcoming executive bias. via @DeloitteUS

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Partial View of Recommendations. Click Image to See All Books or View Below.
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Brian Heger

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