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Talent Edge Weekly - Issue #104

Talent Edge Weekly - Issue #104
By Brian Heger • Issue #104 • View online
Welcome to this week’s issue of Talent Edge Weekly - the weekly newsletter for human resources practitioners, bringing together talent and HR insights from various sources.
  • Gartner’s February HR Leaders Monthly | Gartner | Includes six articles on various workplace topics, ranging from improving leadership bench strength amid disruption to redefining total rewards for the hybrid workforce.
  • Three Resources for Fueling Your Talent Review Process | The Talent Strategy Group | Consolidates three articles to help firms evolve their talent review process. Sample topics include measurement of worker potential and overcoming challenges to executing effective talent reviews.
  • How Leading Organizations Are Evolving Their Succession Management Practices i4cp | Explores six ways organizations are shifting their succession management approaches with tactics such as moving away from using “years” to determine successor readiness.
  • When Subtraction Adds Value Harvard Business Review | Addresses why people overlook subtraction (eliminating things) when improving processes and practices and instead focus on “adding.” Offers suggestions to overcome the tendency to add, which can be helpful to HR Teams.
  • The New Post-60 Career Paths | The Wall Street Journal | Points out the opportunity for firms to build and promote career opportunities that encourage people to work into the later stages of life.
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Have a great and safe week everyone and I look forward to sharing more ideas in next week’s Edge!
Brian Heger is a human resources practitioner with a Fortune 150 organization and has responsibilities for Strategic Talent and Workforce Planning. To connect with Brian on Linkedin, click here.

Gartner's February HR Leaders Monthly | Gartner
Three Resources for Enabling Your Company's Talent Review Process | The Talent Strategy Group
How Leading Organizations Are Evolving Their Succession Management Practices | i4cp
When Subtraction Adds Value | Harvard Business Review
The New Post-60 Career Paths  | The Wall Street Journal
Brian Heger
Demand for Board members with #talentmanagement and #humanresources experience has increased to 19.4% in January 2022 from 11.3% two years ago. via @BloombergQuint

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Partial View of Recommendations. Click Image to See All Books or View Below.
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Have a great and safe week everyone and I look forward to sharing more ideas in next week’s Edge!
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Brian Heger

"A weekly newsletter--sent out each Sunday-- that brings together the best insights on talent and strategic human resources from a variety of sources."

As a busy HR practitioner, you likely find it difficult to keep track of all the latest practices and ideas in the profession. The vast sea of available content makes this endeavor a formidable challenge. Plus, you have to go through a lot of information until you find what is most relevant to your needs and interests.

The idea of this newsletter is simple:

1) I find content that provides strategic business and HR value.
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