By Brian Heger


"A weekly newsletter--sent out each Sunday-- that brings together the best insights on talent and strategic human resources from a variety of sources."

As a busy HR practitioner, you likely find it difficult to keep track of all the latest practices and ideas in the profession. The vast sea of available content makes this endeavor a formidable challenge. Plus, you have to go through a lot of information until you find what is most relevant to your needs and interests.

The idea of this newsletter is simple:

1) I find content that provides strategic business and HR value.
2) I summarize key points and offer my perspective.
3) I share both with you so you can leverage them to deliver value.

My ask in return is simple: share this newsletter with your network and ask them to subscribe, this way can continue to advance the practice of strategic HR and learn together.

I hope you find this newsletter to be a resource that you can trust and count on for helping you to deliver business results through practical, innovative, and strategic HR.

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