Why I tape my mouth while I sleep.....💤





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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor
Why I tape my mouth while I sleep…..💤

Why I tape my mouth while I sleep.....💤
photo: Chris Dart
photo: Chris Dart
In previous years it always took me a while to get going in the morning. I thought starting the day sluggish was normal and that waking up with a chronically dry throat was just a part of my every day.
I’d accepted it was just the way things were.
Then I came across the Oxygen Advantage and the work of the likes of Patrick Mckeown, James Nestor and Dan Brûlée…they kept banging on about nasal breathing and why it’s SO IMPORTANT.
They described how simply taping the mouth creates a new habit of breathing through your nose while you sleep. Allowing your body and mind to gain the deepest, most restorative rest possible.
Yes, I thought it was weird too. But I was willing to give it a go and entertain the idea that simply breathing through my nose could give me more energy, sharper focus and a bit more get up and go. 
The first night I taped my mouth I woke up in shock. I realised that was probably the first proper nights sleep, and I’m talking DEEP SLEEP, I’d had in my entire adult life.
I felt SO refreshed and the best thing was, my mouth didn’t feel dry in the slightest - I couldn’t believe something THAT SIMPLE could be of so much benefit.
Having read further into this to help serve my clients also wanting to deepen their snoozing time 💤 I discovered breathing through your nose at night has an enormity of benefits…here’s my favourites listed below.
💤 It helps to reduce and possibly eliminate snoring 
💤 Nasal breathing generally slower than mouth breathing and much more efficient. Better gas exchange allows more oxygen to be delivered to your tissues, muscles and organs while you rest. (WINNING)
💤 It reduces the likelihood of you getting up to pee in the night. (Sleep apnea is the most overlooked cause of nighttime urination)
💤 Mouth breathing can cause up to a 40% moisture loss, nasal breathing means no more dry, scratchy throats in the morning.
💤 Less chance of smelly morning breath. Mouth breathing reduces saliva in the mouth which allows bacteria to grow and disturbs the PH in the mouth. 
💤 Better oxygenation of the tissues while you rest means quicker recovery - less likely to wake up with aches and pains!
I use a small piece of adhesive tape, super cheap from Boots, or you can get specially designed strips from Somnifix and Myotape.
It’s SO simple and incredibly effective, tape up and get the most out of your zzzzzz’s.
For anyone in the community who tries this this week, give me a message over on IG or email me on breathewithgeorgie@gmail.com and let me know about your experience!
Your friend and breathing cheerleader,
Georgie x
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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

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