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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor
Time to slow down and take a breath…..✨

Our de-stress breath work class is tonight at 6:00pm!
My gorgeous breathing community,
Thank you SO much for joining the VIP list for my weekly de-stress breath work class, I’m so excited to get breathing with you all at 6:00pm GMT time (cue to open your phone calendar and set a reminder) 
For those new to the tribe, welcome, I’m Georgie, your friend, mentor and breath work guru…
I LOVE anything to do with the the art and science of Breath work, Biohacking, women’s fitness, and anything related to optimising human potential. I work day in day out to raise the level of excellence in my life in order to raise it in others. 
Breath work / Performance coach for the new era of health care brand, HUM2N and the Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing
Advanced instructor of the Oxygen Advantage method
Intuitive Fitness Coach / Head trainer for Dancerbody15 women’s fitness
We take around 24,000 breaths per day, I see every single one of those as a chance for us to take back our power and get one step closer to optimal health - aka our ultimate potential. Through this class we’ll be zooming in (pun intended) on techniques to quieten the mind, regulate the nervous system and turn down mental noise. 
Please see the zoom link below to join the call! 👇👇👇
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 445 257 5034
Passcode: 618713
The class will be a “pay what you feel” class…..I only want my VIP’s to pay what they think the class is worth.
In other news.....
Episode 48 of the Just Breathe podcast is out! This week I’ll be chatting to fellow master instructor of the Oxygen Advantage method, Lucas Osorio. Lucas is the first Oxygen Advantage Instructor in Colombia with his father Antonio. He has been a Zen Meditation practitioner since 2008, he lived on a Zen Temple as well as being ordered as a Bodhisattva. After years of practice, he has a deep understanding that breathing is vital for meditation, health, and life in general.
He said, “Even with years of meditation practice, I feel that I didn’t know what meditation was until I change my breathing”.
We got talking about Lucas’s experiences in Zen temples, living with a tribe and taking the plant medicine Ayahuasca. We discussed the importance of connecting to our roots and how tribal teachings can remind us of the power of simplicity, the ultimate power being, the breath.
Click the link below to listen to this weeks episode! 👇👇👇
Episode 48 | Lucas Osorio | Zen meditation, Ayahuasca and Tribal teachings of simplicity
I can’t wait to breathe with you all this evening, start the week as you mean to go on. Tap into flow, set the inner speed limit for the rest of your week through the simplest yet most powerful asset you have, THE BREATH.
See you at 6:00pm, any questions, simply reply to this email.
Love Georgie x
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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

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