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daily breathwork for Ukraine and Our FREE monthly breathing class is THIS WEDNESDAY!! 🫁

Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor
BREATHE WITH GEORGIE…..daily breathwork for Ukraine and Our FREE monthly breathing class is THIS WEDNESDAY!! 🫁✨

Morning Breath work for Ukraine
For the rest of March, I’ll be going live on my @breathe_with_georgie Instagram channel at 7:30 am for 20 minutes of free breathwork to raise money for those suffering in Ukraine.
Like so many of us, I feel a little helpless in what I can do for these people experiencing such adversity. But by using what I do best to light other people’s candles each morning, I will hopefully inspire them to go out and light more people’s candles and so on.
If you’d like to join, please consider donating whatever you can to the Ukraine Humanitarian appeal via the link below.
I don’t consider myself a “hero” of any sort for doing this, but I do know that when people are able to come out of fear and back into love, more good can be done in the world and more people can be of aid to those suffering.
DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal | Disasters Emergency Committee
Our FREE community breath work class is here!
By shifting your breathing, you can take back control of your health. It’s at the epicentre of all biological functions of both body and mind. My goal is to give you the tools to harness your own body and mind and take back autonomy of your own health and wellbeing. 
Sign up below and join me on my online de-stress breath work class every first Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm GMT time, where I’ll be teaching tools and techniques to regulate your nervous system, quieten that busy mind and make space for YOU. Real, uninterrupted, blissful, quiet space. 
The zoom link will be sent to you upon signing up.
I’ve made it my mission to make the power of the breath accessible to everyone.
Join the breath work revolution … – Breathe with Georgie
Wishing you all the most beautiful week! And can’t wait to breathe with you all.
PS. I got a new little side job so the last two weeks have been a car crash mailing list wise. I’ll be sharing my “under the ice” experience and updating you all on my cycle syncing triathlon training soon!
Keep breathing
Love Georgie x
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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

Breathe with Georgie

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