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Chats with an Osteo, MY NEWS and the simplest breath hack ever....🫁⚡️

Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor
Chats with an Osteo, MY NEWS and the simplest breath hack ever….🫁⚡️

Episode 54 - Dr Christina Fraval
Episode 54 - Dr Christina Fraval
In this weeks episode of Just Breathe...
I’ll be chatting to Dr Crisitna Fraval about all things Osteopathy, orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT) and of course, breathing!
Christina’s story is awe inspiring, I hope you really enjoy the conversation..
“Through my work as an osteopath, I started to notice more and more breathing issues as part of the clinical picture in my patients. This gave me the impetus to further my knowledge and study OMT and Buteyko based breathing education. In the last 5 years I have worked with adults and children in resolving breathing dysfunction. I work collaboratively with various wholistic dentists with a focus in sleep medicine assisting patients with mouth breathing, teeth grinding, snoring, sleep apnoea, malocclusion, pre-orthodontics, jaw pain, craniofacial pain and tongue tie.
One of my children from a young age had issues with blocked ears, chronic congestion, mouth breathing, behavioural issues, bed wetting and dental crowding. Through my study and working with a wholisitic dentist I was able help my son overcome many of these issues by incorporating OMT and breathing exercises alongside the osteopathic treatment he received.
I believe we all have the ability to heal from within given the right environment. The body has a self healing mechanism which is constantly striving for optimum health.”
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Episode 54 | Dr Christina Fraval | Restoring freedom and play through the body-breath connection
I have news...
I’ve decided 2022 is the year to see what my body can really do. SO, i’ve decided to do a human experiment on myself and ask the question…can a female train for a high level triathalon and NOT screw her body up? Utilising tools such as cycle mapping, breath work biohacking and cold exposure, I intend to push my body to the limit whilst maintaining a state of optimal mental and physical health.
There’s so much coming out in the press about the struggles female athletes have with Amenorrhea, the loss of their period altogether, and REDS, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport, i want to see if its possible to put all the hacks I preach about on a day to day basis in to practise in an unforgiving playground consisting of a swim, bike and run.
Emma Dooney, in a article in Runner’s world explains;
“In a culture that promotes a ‘no excuses’ attitude towards working out, pushing yourself beyond your limits is often celebrated as a sign of discipline, agility and physical strength. 
As we fixate on improving our performance and reaching new goals, we rarely consider the future losses of our present gains.”
I’ll be logging my journey via instagram, social media and my podcast, there’ll be a huge focus on mapping my training around my cycle and using breath work to self regulate. This week was “test week” where they gather all my base-line data, where i’m starting from basically which i’ll fill you in on in next weeks newsletter. Next week we start training!
Possibly the simplest breath hack ever...🫁
  1.  Incorporating the principles of breathing LIGHT and LOW here, focus your gaze on a point far away from you, feel your feet on the floor and your bodies weight melting downwards.
  2. Inhale nasally, finding a lateral expansion of the lower ribs.
  3. Exhale nasally, and send your breath far away to that point, allowing your exhale to become as slow as possible. Keeping the breath silent, effortless - you don’t need to try to breathe, you’ve been doing it your while life.
  4. Repeat 5 times.
You can do this anytime, anywhere to start to implement THE POWER OF THE PAUSE. Just take a moment throughout the day, especially if you notice those feelings of anxiety or overwhelm arising.
Simply take 5 deep breaths. 
I’m teaching my weekly breath work class on zoom every Monday, don’t forget you can buy the replay if you can’t make the class. Otherwise, there’s plenty of guided audios over on the Just Breathe you tube channel.
Wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead, keep breathing friends.
Love Georgie x
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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

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