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Breathe with Georgie - Issue #5

Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor
Could Hypnotherapy save the generation of instagram obsessives?

Could Hypnotherapy save the generation of instagram obsessives?
This week on the Just Breathe podcast I’m talking to Lydia Johnson on all things Hypnotherapy. Lydia has an extensive training under her belt, some of which include; Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic programming, Meditation, Mindfulness and Emotional freedom technique.
We got chatting about what Hypnotherapy really means as well as why its so beneficial for so many problems many of us face throughout the many different phases of life. Some of which include, Conflicted decision making, anxiety, teen angst, self-sabotage, burn out, addiction, over / under eating and obsessiveness with social media. We also chatted about the crossovers of meditation, breath work and hypnotherapy and how changing your state is rooted in the power of the breath.
‘I love the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and seeing the same progress in my clients is immense, in a relatively short space of time.The power and potential of our state of mind is extraordinary, it is fascinating how we can tap into these skills to let go of negative noise.’ Lydia Johnson
Click the link below to watch the full interview or listen in on Spotify / apple podcasts / google and Amazon
Episode 43 | Lydia Johnson | Could Hypnotherapy save the digital generation?
Let me know your key takeaway from this weeks powerful episode of the Just Breathe podcast and while your listening don’t forget to KEEP BREATHING!
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Love Georgie x
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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

Breathe with Georgie

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