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Breathe with Georgie - Issue #4

Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

Every emotional state has a breathing pattern...
So, if we can shift our breathing pattern we can shift our emotional state. Today, I’m sharing with you my favourite technique for whenever I’m feeling frustrated or stressed. This technique can be done anytime, anywhere and is incredibly effective.
Click the link below and follow the video OR pop me in your pocket and be guided by the majestic sound of my voice 😉

How to go from FRUSTRATION TO FLOW STATE in less than 15 mins!!
The average person breathes anywhere between 15 and 20 breaths per minute. During cadence breathing, we slow the breath right down to 5.5-6 breaths per minute. A number of studies prove that 5.5-6 breaths per minute is the optimal respiratory rate for increasing oxygen uptake, optimising function of the autonomic nervous system, increasing baroreflex sensitivity and for addressing chronic hyperventilation. Its also been named the best way to increase our heart rate variability (HRV), a measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat and a prime indicator of how we respond to stress. As we increase our HRV, through cadence breathing, our body becomes more flexible and resilient when dealing with stress.
SO give it a go and send to whoever you feel needs this right now…share the love by sharing the power of the breath.
Keep breathing friends
Love Georgie x
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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

Breathe with Georgie

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