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Breathe with Georgie - Issue #3

Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

THE BOOK, Inner Excellence by Jim Murphy
THE BOOK, Inner Excellence by Jim Murphy
To live absolute fullness of life you need to TRAIN YOUR's how.
I am still pinching myself that I was given the privilege to interview Jim Murphy, author of the most impactful book I have ever read - Jim Murphy.
There’s SO many personal growth books out there that are helpful but don’t necessarily initiate any ACTION. Without action there IS NO GROWTH.
Episode 42 if the Just Breathe podcasts explores the key principles of this book with the AUTHOR HIMSELF….How to:
*Develop mental toughness *Train your subconscious mind
*Overcome mental blocks *Develop empowering habits
Listen to the episode, absorb and then take ONE COURSE OF ACTION from your key takeaway. However small, simply by putting the principles into action you are already WINNING.
The Just Breathe podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google, Amazon and Buzzsprout. Just search ‘Just Breathe’.
“If you search your heart, beyond the desire for any measure of success, you’ll discover, I believe, that what you really want is to feel truly alive, filled with vitality, purpose and meaning - absolute fulness of life. Fore most of us, perhaps unknowingly, life has been one long search for this fullness. We want deep, enriching experiences and meaningful relationships, a life where we’re not constantly shrinking back in fear. We want to live courageously, learning and growing, fuelling a fearlessness that awakens the lives of others.
That life is available to all of us, but we so easily get caught up chasing symbols of success rather than the real thing, side-tracked in busyness, losing sight of what we truly want. Rather than seeking fearless authenticity and personal growth directly, we pursue an illusion and get emptiness instead.” Jim Murphy, Inner Excellence
This book quite literally CHANGED MY LIFE in terms of how I approach my goals and the real meaning of the words purpose and vision.
The legend himself
The legend himself
Send me a personal message on instagram or email me on and LET ME KNOW your KEY TAKEAWAY from the episode and what COURSE OF ACTION you are taking after listening to it.
Keep growing, keep striving for excellence and most importantly….keep breathing.
I can’t wait to hear your insights, keep an eye on my you tube channel for this Wednesday’s 10 minute breathing guide. I want to give you the tools and techniques to take back your energy, focus and optimise your HEALTH.
Love Georgie x
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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

Breathe with Georgie

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