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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor
Gut feelings aren’t just in your head! 🤯

Gut feelings are not just free-floating emotional states."
“Gut feelings are not just free-floating emotional states. But actual physical sensations that convey meaning to certain areas in the brain. Some of this increased gut feeling may have to do with the number of cells available in a woman’s brain to track body sensations. After puberty, they increase. The estragon increase means that girls feel gut sensations and physical pain more than boys do. Some scientists speculate that this greater body sensation in women punches up the brains ability to track and feel painful emotions, too, as they register in the body. Therefore, the relationship between a woman’s gut feelings and her intuitive hunches is grounded in biology.” - The Female Brain, Louann Brizendine, M.D.
An excerpt from the book I’m currently reading, and I am LOVING IT!
When something just doesn’t feel right be it in our careers, relationships, location, health choices or we sense that there’s something we need to do or a path we need to explore. We too often cast aside this inner knowing as simply a passing thought.
Turns out, those gut feelings are exactly what it says on the tin. Physical feelings that provide you with communication from your own wondrous mechanism - your body.
How many times have you had a hunch that you’ve ignored because it required you to step outside of your comfort zone or shift something about your current set of circumstances?
I suppose on a deeper level this is a question of how much faith do we have in the inner intelligence of our own beings? 
So much so nowadays we wait to be told we’re allowed to do just about anything. We seek perm
ission or a nod from someone we deem more intelligent or wise to give our potential next move “The ok.”
I’m describing myself here. The person who used to ask the closest 50 people I knew before making any decision. Now, I take a more inward route. 
Sitting, breathing and listening to my intuition and as much as is physically possible, going with my gut. Trusting that there is no wrong decision and that mistakes are great teachers.
Of course we cannot develop the ability to listen or acknowledge these very real “gut feelings” without awareness. How can we develop that?
Simply by noticing your breathing through out the day, noticing the sensations you feel in your body and the daily narratives that whirl around your mind. You allow yourself to come out of the mind and into the body. And you develop a deep knowledge of your own internal mechanisms. 
Simply by noticing, you give yourself the ability to listen to the most intelligent advisory board in existence. Your. Own. Body.
Try setting an alarm on your phone a couple times a day and taking 2-3 minutes to simply notice all I described above. Your breath, your sensations, your thoughts.
Look out for those gut feeling and LISTEN LADIES (and gents), they’re not just in your head.
Keep breathing friends 
Love Georgie x
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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

Breathe with Georgie

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