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Breathe with Georgie - Female Breathing 🫁 and Ice dive diaries PART TWO ❄️

Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor
Female Breathing 🫁 and Ice dive diaries PART TWO ❄️

The female breathing course was a hit!
Wow, wow, wow………leap and the net will appear has never been so poignant. So last weekend, I launched the first female breathing course for the Oxygen Advantage. It was all about how to self-regulate and tailor movement (I hate the word exercise) around the sometimes erratic fluctuations of hormones we experience around our monthly cycles.
Essentially, this course was built on the basis of how simple, functional breath work changed my life in terms of being more consciously aware of my own habits and behaviours, knowing when its time to dial down physical activity and put healthy boundaries in place so that my daily doings were giving me energy rather than draining it.
FYI - I’d really encourage you to ponder this for yourself. At the end of each day, jot down three to five things you did, be it social or alone, and split them into two categories…energy gains and energy drains. It helps you get real clear, real quick about the people, places and activities that are and aren’t serving you. As I bang on about all the time, it all starts with awareness.
Anyway, I was BLOWN AWAY by the attendance for the first round of the four-day course and the messages I’m still receiving saying how the course acted as a jumping point for some life-changing shifts.
If you’re feeling FOMO that you didn’t make the course, NEVER FEAR…it’s a recurring course and I’ll be announcing the next dates soon. Feel free to shoot me an email to register your interest or follow this link to find out more 👇
Female Breathing – Breathe with Georgie
Ok, I promised part two of Ice diving on my period so, here it is..
Ok, so the actual dive.
It was about a two-hour drive to the dive site, which was an old abandoned mine submerged in snow, the water beneath which was enriched with precious minerals so as you can imagine I was feeling a mix of excitement, curiosity and terror, especially seeing as we were driving through a snowstorm - my mind couldn’t quite compute in less than two hours I was going under the ice in my little swimsuit and wet shoes.
We arrived, and the place had an eerie silence about it, the stillness of the snow had this beauty to it, an unchanging landscape of ice that was as alive as it was solum. My nerves were instantly settled by the warm greeting of the other divers, whom I’d actually known for less than 48 hours but at that moment, they felt like family.
Seeing the sauna already set up on the ice was another big relief, there was talk of “going without the sauna” if the blizzard got too bad. Knowing there was a toastie tent to meet me on the other side made the dive feel possible.
Being the only girl, sorry woman, really had its perks. Whilst everyone else got naked in the cold, I hopped into the sauna to slip into my cozzie, it was countdown time.
After a quick run-through of how it was going to work. Essentially, you crouched on the edge of the small hole in the ice, eyes on the rope you needed to catch, the freedivers keeping us safe went under and we had a ten-second countdown before we had to dive. The advice was to jump straight in, if we slowly tiptoed in our breathing would’ve been much harder to control and the cold might have become too overwhelming. Once we got under all we had to do was grab the rope and pull ourselves backwards until we reached the hole on the other side - simple right?
This is the point when I started to get the trembles, desperately repeating the slow, controlled breathing we’d practised the day before. It was getting really real now.
Watching a few of the guys go through it helped a lot. Leigh came and got me and told me it was my turn. And I made my way to the edge.
I was hooked up to the line, gave the divers the ok and took a few deep breaths.
5,4,3,2,1....and in I jumped.
UNDER THE ICE Short Film by David Lopez
UNDER THE ICE Short Film by David Lopez
I saw the edge of the ice that was the doorway to the deep and I just lost it, every ounce of my body was telling me to turn back. I scrambled out of the water, trying to control what I can only describe as a mini panic attack. Leigh and the divers were a godsend here, I went back into the sauna..annoyed and disappointed for a pep talk from the boys and a mental reset. This kind of thing really is mind over matter, and at this point, my mind was letting me down.
Take two…..Leigh came over to me. He’d given me a lift to the dive site so we had some great life chats on the way over and I’d shared with him how I’d racked up the courage to end my most recent relationship a few weeks prior. The break-up was hard because despite loving each other a lot, it was clear we weren’t meant to be long-term, we didn’t quite fit. So rather than dragging it out, I stepped away. That was a big thing for me.
Stood at the edge, staring at the water, which from the surface was just black, Leigh reminded me of the courage that took to walk away. How I’d outran my mind’s need for safety and comfort to step into the unknown. The dive was just another example of that.
He sat next to me on the water’s edge and encouraged me to look at him and go through the breathing to prepare. Three deep breaths later and one long inhale, he gave me my 3,2,1 and I jumped. This time..I pulled myself under straight away and grabbed the rope…there was no other way to go but through.
Under the ice was beyond anything I could have imagined. Time stopped, there was no sensation of cold or awareness that I wasn’t breathing. It was as if I’d died and entered this otherworldly plane that I can only describe as pure bliss and the clearest water I’d ever seen.
A few more pulls along the rope and the divers supporting me tapped me to let me know I’d reached the other side. I’d done it.
Leigh helped me out of the water and the biggest wave of emotion came over me. It sounds cheesy, but I felt like I’d left a huge part of me under the ice and the feeling of once again outrunning the barriers of my own mind was euphoric.
A plethora of cheers and whoops greeted me into the sauna. “HERE COMES SUPERWOMAN!” they yelled, pats on the back and high fives galore.
Soaking wet, in sub-zero temperatures, post ice dive, very much on my period, I had never felt so much at home in my own body with some of the most genuine, curious, hilarious bunch I’d ever met.
NOTE: This is not me encouraging you to go and dive under some ice in the arse crack of nowhere. What I am encouraging you to realise is that you are capable of so much more than the barriers of your own mind.
Without starting my journey into self-awareness with the breath, I would never have found myself on adventures like these, without learning self-regulation, the key to core confidence (freedom from your external circumstances), I would never have taken a solo trip to Finland to go ice diving with a bunch of guys I’d never met.
When you learn to listen to the callings of your authentic self, life gets more surprising by the day in the most wonderful of ways.
A long newsletter today I know…but I wanted to fill you in on all the juicy details. I’ve already planned my next trip. COLUMBIA. I’ll be exploring more free-diving and teaching an Oxygen Advantage certification. If anyone fancies joining me to get OA certified whilst drinking the best coffee in the world, please respond to this email.
I’m also working on some plans to start a female community that runs both online and in person. Mostly from my own desire to connect more post-pandemic…can I say “post-pandemic” yet?
Until next week…KEEP BREATHING!!
Love to you all,
Georgie x
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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

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