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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

The first round went so well, we're going for round two!
Have you ever noticed how some days you’re full of beans, feel like Beyonce and are a blaze of productivity and on others you find yourself crying constantly, lashing out and in a haze of brain fog and feeling like no matter what you wear you still feel rubbish? Have you ever considered the link between your ability to focus, exert energy and show up with confidence and your hormones? 
I’ll let you into a secret…are you ready?
Our endocrine system is made up of all the different hormones and regulates all bodily processes in the body, along with the nervous system, your body’s command centre, which stimulates every thought, feeling, emotion, urge and sensation from the day you are born. They have an enormous effect on our entire perception of reality! These incredible systems are usually working unnoticed in the background hence the naming of the “autonomic nervous system” however, we have the ability to tap into these systems, bringing them somewhat under our conscious control through a gateway – the breath. The breath is possibly the most important biological function we have, without it where would we be? But we can also use it as a tool for self-regulation, optimisation and efficiency in our daily lives. As women, our hormones can feel like our worst enemy. We’ve all reached for the chocolate a few days before d-day – the dreaded period. But it doesn’t need to be this way. 
Your menstrual cycle, which lasts the whole month, by the way, consists of four main phases and can be an incredible tool to effectively plan your month so that you can use the magical essence each phase has to offer. Our hormones shift throughout the month, and so should the way we approach our day if we want to maintain balance, health and happiness. You wouldn’t wear a bikini in winter, so why would you smash out the hardest HIIT workout you could find in the late luteal phase of your cycle? Aka. your autumn. Awareness truly is power. The more awareness we have of our own patterns, rhythms and shifts, the more we can take control of our experience and use it to our advantage. Learn how to utilise the oxygen advantage techniques to turn your, and your clients, hormones into superpowers.
Once you know, you know and there’s no going back. 
NOTE: This is not instructor training. Registration is open to anyone with an interest in applying the technique in their life.
Course cost – 340 euros (£284.00) 
What will this investment get you…
1. Four live 1.5 hour seminars over the course of four weeks in a small group class. 
2. Lifelong access to class playbacks and a copy of The Breathing Cure by Patrick Mckeown, the worlds leading expert in the reeducation of breath.
3. A 30-minute 121 follow-up coaching call plus access to the Breathe with Georgie private Facebook Group.
You will learn how to: 
1. Understanding the different phases of the cycle, how to track your cycle to bring greater awareness to your own rhythms and patterns and the vital importance of self-regulation. We’ll be practically exploring the three key pillars of breathing, how to take your BOLT and your first self-regulation hack. 
 2. How to integrate functional breathing techniques to different parts of the cycle to enhance energy levels, focus, sleep, awareness, and intimacy. We’ll take a look at fertility here and put our techniques into practice to gain focus when brain fog strikes and learn how to control PMS symptoms.
3. The basics of sports performance breathing (for women) and how to apply it in real-time. We’ll also go over how our sports performance differs throughout the cycle.
4. How to tailor and integrate the oxygen advantage breathing exercises around the different phases of your cycle to turn your hormones into superpowers. HOW TO MAKE THE PLAN THAT WILL, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 
Don’t take it from me! See below a testimonial from one of the participants from our first round of the course.
“Breathing for females is an eye-opening course. Georgie’s breadth of knowledge is invaluable. She has taken the complex topic of hormonal cycling and seamlessly woven recommendations for breathing, movement, eating and recovery into it. This course is an absolute must for female athletes and exercise enthusiasts, but any female of reproductive age can greatly benefit from this wisdom. If you want to fully understand your body, so as to show up unapologetically in your life, with total confidence. Then take this course.” - Tara
Register your interest via the link below, this also gives you an opportunity to contact me with any questions.
Female Breathing – Breathe with Georgie
Ready to harness your hormones as superpowers?
Join the next female breathing tribe and let’s get to it!
Speak soon
Love Georgie x
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Georgie Lawlor
Georgie Lawlor

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