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Portfolio 2.0 & New Side Project





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Braydon Coyer
Braydon Coyer
A new month, a new side project! And a new MacBook Pro! This month I focussed on personal projects, including a revamp of my portfolio and blog. Let’s take a look!

Hi there,
I have a confession to make. I started another side project. I know! I know! I started another side project before I completed Pomegradient. I can’t be the only one that starts new projects before releasing previous projects, right? 😬 Pomegradient hasn’t been shelved - I just had an opportunity to work on a cool idea with some fantastic developers.
At the beginning of the month, we started working on an idea my wife came up with. Do you ever create a group chat to plan an event but the details inevitably get buried in off-topic chatter? It happens quite frequently to me!
Huddl aims to solve that issue. Huddl can help you organize your in-person and online activities without distractions in a familiar chat environment.
We think this is a pretty neat idea and we can’t wait for others to give it a try! We’re putting the final touches on MVP this week!
Braydon Coyer
Been working on something in the evenings. 👀

Introducing Huddl! 🚀 🎉

Plan events in a familiar chat experience without getting derailed from the original proposal.

Coming soon!
The New M1 MacBook Pro
Did you watch the Apple Event a few weeks ago? I’ve been waiting to upgrade my MacBook ever since Apple announced their plans to transition to their own chip. I could have sprung for the 13" model they released last year, but I wanted to avoid the first-generation bugs and wait for the larger models to arrive.
Although it was an exercise in patience, I was floored by the the reported power of the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.
I managed to snag the 16" M1 Pro with a 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine, 32GB of unified memory, and 2TB of storage. This is a huge upgrade for me - coming from a 2017 MacBook Pro with 256GB of storage. 😂
Did you get the new MacBook Pro? Reply and let me know!
Portfolio 2.0
The organic traffic forwarding to my portfolio and blog has been increasing 10-20% month by month to the point where I’ve had to upgrade my Plausible Analytics plan because I’ve gone past their monthly threshold. I spent a lot of time investing in SEO earlier this year and it’s been paying off each month.
My current portfolio is powered by Gatsby, styled with TailwindCSS and the blog is sourced with MDX. Overall, it’s a tech stack that works well and provides a lot of flexibility!
But working with Gatsby was slow. Hot-reload should be called slow-reload, and if I want to make a change to my blog, I have to open VSCode to make the edit, push to GitHub and then redeploy my site. It’s not a huge deal, especially with Netlify coming in clutch with their auto-deployments, but it’s a tedious process nonetheless.
I love Notion. I use it as my main daily productivity tool. My entire life lives in Notion, including my blog posts and newsletter issues. The Notion API recently released support for code blocks which was the last missing functionality I needed to justify a complete portfolio rebuild. 😅
Version 2.0 of my portfolio and blog are built on the following tech stack:
  • Next.js (maybe even some Next.js 12 features!)
  • Notion API as a CMS
  • Supabase for storage and cool little features
  • TailwindCSS for styling
Here are a few features coming to the revamp 👀
  • Redesigned blog layout
  • Article views updated real-time
  • Article reactions (👍, ❤️, 👏 & 🎉)
  • Changelog sourced from Notion
There’s still quite a bit of work to be completed, especially in terms of SEO, but here’s a sneak peek of the updated blog layout!
Blog layout 2.0!
Blog layout 2.0!
📚️ What I'm Writing
October was a bit of a lull for writing. With everything else going on, I had little time to blog. I did manage to release a single article to my personal blog, and also released a sponsored article on Zigi! Check them out below!
How to Create a Chat Layout with TailwindCSS and CSS Grid
How to feel empowered as a developer?
💫 Content from the Community
One of the brilliant things about being a developer on Twitter is that you get to cheer for other developers and learn from their informative articles, explore their stunning side projects, and witness their amazing achievements. 
Here are a few things I found in October that I thought were super cool or helped me in some shape or form.
For the TypeScript enthusiasts subscribed, Simon shared a helpful tip regarding the Pick utility!
Simon Høiberg
TypeScript Tip 💡

You can use "Pick" to quickly create new types.

And the cool thing is...
Pick is an inbuilt utility type.

We have that available natively in TypeScript.
High-quality graphic assets are hard to come by. Vijay released an amazing 3D icon library in October - all for free!
vijay vΞrma
Just launched my new project #3dicons, a large set of open-source 3D icons on @ProductHunt. Under CC0, it is free for personal or commercial use and can be copied, edited, remixed, or redrawn.
🙌 Wrapping Up
That wraps things up for the November issue! The year is almost over and it’s hard to believe!
I hope you have a great month - stay warm!
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Braydon Coyer
Braydon Coyer @BraydonCoyer

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