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A New Year and a New Opportunity!

Braydon Coyer
Braydon Coyer
I’m beginning 2022 with a big change! I’m excited to announce that I’m starting 2022 with a new job at LogicGate!

Hi there, everyone!
For many, 2022 seems to be the start of new adventures. And the same is true of me!
I’m excited to announce my next career move, but before I dive into that I want to look back on my time at Cognizant.
Looking back at my time with Cognizant
I transitioned to Cognizant in May of 2019, coming on board as a Senior Full-stack Engineer. Cognizant appealed a lot to me - I had the opportunity to dive deep into a side of web development I hadn’t touched, I worked in a paired programming environment with strict test-driven development workflows, and I even got to work alongside my brother on the same development team!
Before migrating to Cognizant, most of my experience was in front-end development. In the new role, I had the opportunity to work with several languages, tools, and workflows that allowed me to gain a suite of skills that will serve me throughout my career.
I’m extremely proud of everything that I was able to accomplish at Cognizant.
I learned a lot. I gave a lot.
But all good things must come to an end. I felt it was time for me to get a change in scenery - and so, December 31st, 2021 was my last working day at Cognizant.
My next step - LogicGate
I’m proud to announce that I’ve joined LogicGate as a Software Engineer II Front End!
LogicGate is a company that has crafted an agile GRC cloud solution that combines powerful functionality with intuitive design to enhance enterprise GRC programs.
Today is my first day and I couldn’t be more excited that I get to change gears and go back to specializing in front end development! Wish me luck!
What's Happening Online
Tech Twitter has been exciting this month - I’ve put more time into creating content and interacting with the community. If you aren’t following me on Twitter, feel free to check out my content!
I was surprised when my name was picked from a random draw from Iconic - I won an iPad Mini. Thanks Iconic team!

Congratulations to Braydon Coyer (@BraydonCoyer) who is the winner of the iPad mini giveaway!

Send us a DM and we’ll sort this for you 🤝
Also, Hashnode partnered with Nazanin Ashrafi to run a CSS art challenge this month!
Nazanin Ashrafi
AND here is the CSS art challenge details👀

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Why I'm doing this
The funny story of how @Hashnode became the sponsor of this challenge

RT is appreciated ❤️
I had a great time putting together a little submission for the challenge - check it out below! Built with a few too many divs, this piece utilized CSS variables and keyframe animations to produce the final product.
My submission for the Hashnode CSS challenge
My submission for the Hashnode CSS challenge
It even got featured on the CodePen homepage!
Braydon Coyer
Excited to see my submission for the
@hashnode CSS art challenge featured on @CodePen!

Check it out here!
If you’d like to view project on CodePen, click here!
📚️ What I'm Writing
I’ve enjoyed writing over my break between jobs - since my last email to you, I released 3 new articles, one of which is an extension to this email today. I have a few more articles lined up to be released in the coming weeks - make sure to keep an eye out for them!
A New Opportunity at LogicGate
How to Dynamically Create Open Graph Images with Cloudinary and Next.js
Create a Newsletter Subscription Form with Next.js API Routes and the Twitter Revue API
💫 Content from the Community
One of the brilliant things about being a developer on Twitter is that you get to cheer for other developers and learn from their informative articles, explore their stunning side projects, and witness their amazing achievements. 
Here are a few things I found over the last few weeks that I thought were super cool or helped me in some shape or form.
Paulina created a super cool animated grid demo by using the Flip Plugin!
Paulina Hetman
My 'Wow' of the week goes to the Flip Plugin 🤩. It's soooo smart! Here's me animating a grid and the item details via @CodePen cc @greensock #CodePenChallenge
Josh Comeau released a gradient generator - it’s super cool, and I may use it as inspiration for Pomegradient!
🙌 Wrapping Up
As always, thanks for reading and being part of this community!
I have a lot of great content planned over the next month or two - and I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on!
Stay safe and have a great month!
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Braydon Coyer
Braydon Coyer @BraydonCoyer

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