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Brand On! Marketing Tools & Tips

There's one thing I have seen over and over again in working with companies big and small—when it com
Brand On! Marketing Tools & Tips
By Brandon Uttley • Issue #16 • View online
There’s one thing I have seen over and over again in working with companies big and small—when it comes to their marketing.
And that is apathy.
I don’t think it is most people’s fault—especially if there are not responsible for marketing themselves, then rightfully they aren’t giving it much thought.
But what’s sad is watching companies pump out all kinds of “social sharing,” with very little likes, shares or comments. And I always say, “If you can’t even get your own employees to share this stuff, why should anyone else care?”
There are always a million excuses, but the biggest one I find is that the marketing folks don’t make it easy for everyone else to:
a) Know about what is being shared
b) Be given easy tools to help spread the posts
One of the Cool Tools I ran across for this issue actually solves both of these problems that typically prevent employee advocacy. And it’s free!
Let me know if you put Easy Advocacy to use and if it helps. And don’t forget to tell everyone in your company why you’re using it—because every little bit counts, sales depends on marketing, and it takes a village to beat the algorithms these days.

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Cool Tech Tools
Note: Occasionally, these may contain affiliate links—meaning that if you buy through my recommendation, I will make a small commission that will not affect your price. Thank you for your support in this way!
Easy Advocacy - Social Media Amplification
Content Samurai | Create Stunning Videos Fast
NiftyImages  | Real-Time Email Marketing
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