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Brand On! Marketing Tools & Tips

Here's a story for you: I recently helped a new client (a local retail store) regain access to their
Brand On! Marketing Tools & Tips
By Brandon Uttley • Issue #8 • View online
Here’s a story for you:
I recently helped a new client (a local retail store) regain access to their Facebook Page—after being locked out of it for three years.
It’s a common issue—someone sets up a Page, then they leave the company…and those left behind don’t have the right information and/or admin access anymore.
You would think this would be easily remedied. But it’s not, because getting support from Facebook is virtually impossible. And there’s a dirty secret they don’t tell you about how support works.
Sadly, my client had given up trying to penetrate the Facebook support fortress before they met me.
I, however, was determined to get in.
After much sleuthing, I uncovered Facebook’s dirty secret—that you can’t get support unless you are an active advertiser.
But here’s the Catch-22: You can’t advertise if you can’t access your Page.
So imagine how many millions of dollars Facebook loses, for refusing to help people who want to advertise but can’t.
It’s another reason I think Facebook will eventually collapse next to other tech giants like Apple and Google that make it a top priority to provide customer support to anyone, rather than slamming the door in the face of “non-paying” users.
If you make it your business to refuse to help the majority of customers, then you deserve to lose.
Shame on Facebook.
This story has a happy ending, at least for my client. I got in first through chat support—by using another paying client’s account—and after an hour on chat and several rounds of emails and documentation, I got my new client’s Page reinstated.
Special thanks to Liz, one human being at Facebook who gave a damn and helped a small company get their Page back.

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