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Sometimes I think people are "tooled out." By that I mean, they feel like they can't adopt another th
Brand On! Marketing Tools & Tips
By Brandon Uttley • Issue #7 • View online
Sometimes I think people are “tooled out.”
By that I mean, they feel like they can’t adopt another thing they have to use in their personal or professional life.
I understand this. For example, I’m doing some volunteer work, and a fellow committee member set up a free project management system for us to use. His intentions were great; however, the problem is that it’s something hardly anyone actually uses IRL…and it’s cumbersome.
But rather than push back, the group is reluctantly using the software. Actually, I don’t see a lot of adoption yet….so we’ll see.
I think it would have been a better idea to ask what everyone felt comfortable using before introducing something new. Collectively, I’m sure we would have chosen a different solution. It might not have all the features of the system he picked…but more people would embrace it.
The same goes for introducing new tools in the workplace…just because you think something is cool doesn’t mean others will feel the same way.
Still, don’t stop trying! Change is hard. Pioneers need to keep looking for better tools and ways of doing things. Just know though—you’re going to face a lot of trials, training, cajoling and pushback along the way.

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