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Brand On! Marketing Tools & Tips

I used to write a prodigious amount of physical letters when I was a kid (up into my late teens). I k
Brand On! Marketing Tools & Tips
By Brandon Uttley • Issue #3 • View online
I used to write a prodigious amount of physical letters when I was a kid (up into my late teens). I know what you’re thinking: nerd! OK, I accept that. (Although I thought of myself as a Man of Letters at the time. And that was in the PIE, Pre-Internet Era.)
There was something very satisfying about sending and receiving physical missives. It’s missing in today’s dash-offed, digitally-centric world.
I think that’s why I feel the pendulum is swinging back toward offline marketing methods like direct mail; when it’s done well, it definitely stands out.
To that end, if you’ll indulge me and share your mailing address, I’ll send you an honest-to-goodness handwritten note IRL. Please forgive me in advance for my chicken-scratch penmanship.
Now let’s get to the good stuff in this issue of Brand On!

News, Trends & Tips
Less than Half of Google Searches Now Result in a Click
5 Hints to Rapidly Increase the Visibility of Your LinkedIn Posts
Big Changes Coming to Google Ad Delivery & Facebook Ad Targeting
Cool Tech Tools
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Action Guide Library
Email Spreadsheets Automatically on a Recurring Schedule
Endorsal — Customer testimonials, Automated
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