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I'm starting a podcast! 🎙


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April 17 · Issue #43 · View online

💡Short unfiltered notes and findings on startups and business | I teach @nocodemvp and tweet @bramk | 💙the internet

Hello friends! 👋
Long time no newsletter! For the past 2 weeks I have been moving houses. So busy cleaning up, packing things etc. and not a lot of time to explore the internet as usual ;)
I did decide to start a podcast! It’s been something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. See more details below, I already have 9 awesome guests confirmed! (aiming for 12 before I start recording :) ).
I also did a video experiment on Twitter to help out my followers, found a crazy forum topic about building an MVP, and decided to lower the pricing of my course while everyone always says: raise your prices!
Next week I’ll promise to send you new discoveries and not talk about myself haha.
Enjoy your Friday and this weekend! ✌️

Bram Kanstein
“The MVP trap”

⚠️ Don’t take 2(!) years to build your MVP while NOT talking to any customers.

Speed is key, especially to keep your own level of motivation high.

❌ no traction or supporting evidence? Fine, move on to next idea
✅ validated your idea? Double down focus
As you can imaginem I loved this answer by @jason on his podcast. Especially from 3:11
(take note!) Have an idea, no tech background and don’t know where to start? Check out ;)
Aaron asks...

"How do investors view no-code startups? At what point (Series A,B, etc.) should they transition to their own code base?"


Full episode 🎧:
I went on the CodeLess Podcast 🎙
Bram Kanstein
🎉 video experiment today! Are you in the early stages of your idea or startup? Send me your questions and I’ll reply throughout the day!

✅ idea validation
✅ MVP approach
✅ go-to-market strategy
✅ product launch


(If you have a website send it too! 🤘)
Bram Kanstein
After €20K revenue for @nocodemvp I've analyzed my progress:

60% of 3.5K monthly visitors from 🇺🇸
10% to checkout, less % actually buy
ARPC ~€181

SO 👇

✅LOWERING price + switch to USD: $199/~€182 (from €269/~$299)
✅Added Paypal
✅Highlighted price on website more
Bram Kanstein
🚨 Decided I'm starting a podcast! I've been wanting to combine my love for discovering new products early with meeting awesome founders on a regular basis. Que 'Early Ones' 👇

(nothing live yet though, stay tuned :) )
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