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BrainPint #18 - It's Time To Move

Hi all,I've got some news to share about BrainPint.When I first started writing, I chose Revue over Substack due to the special curation superpowers it has. However, as the newsletter grows and my writing style evolves, I want to have more control over the fo…


BrainPint #17 - Building In Public

Hi all,Lots of people are curious about building in public. It was the most clicked on link of last week's BrainPint 😉A while back, I dreaded the thought of publishing work that wasn't near perfect. I thought it would look silly if I released something unpoli…


BrainPint #16 - Newsletter Landing Pages

Hi friends,I built a landing page for BrainPint 🎉I've been obsessed with building sites lately, and a landing page for BrainPint was a perfect project.I wrote about the process here in my attempt to start building in public. Will continue to work on tightenin…


BrainPint #15 - Long Term Games

Hi friends,This week I've been reflecting on Long Term vs Short Term Games.Swyx (Shawn) wrote an impactful thread about the topic, reminding us only to play games we want to win. It's easy to be caught up in other people's games and be blinded by short-term g…


BrainPint #14 - The Newsletter Economy

Hi friends,A huge welcome to the 80+ new subscribers who've joined from my (unexpectedly) viral tweet and expanded thread. So thrilled and grateful to have you join me here at BrainPint. It also makes me so happy to see that more people are reading the newsle…


BrainPint #13 - Getting Better Each Day

Hi guys,I'm experimenting with moving the newsletter to Tuesday.I visited the mountains this weekend after 5 months and was amazed to see roses blooming and huge plants in the house's driveway. Nature always finds its way.This week I've been reflecting on how…


BrainPint #12 - Ideas

Hi friends,I launched my e-commerce site on Tuesday. It's far from perfect but hey, it's the Build > Measure > Learn cycle.I'm someone who learns through experimenting so I like to take problems, have a crack at them, ask others for advice, implement an…


BrainPint #11 - Moats & Bankruptcy

Hi friends,It's another week of making things and troubleshooting for me. I'm convinced that Googling is one of the most useful skills ever.I got access to the paid version of Everything, a newsletter bundle this week. I really enjoy the business strategy and…


BrainPint #10 - Keep Learning

Hi friends,This week's newsletter is full of learning resources, including more Teachable courses for the wonderful price of free! (P.S. even if you don't have time now, sign up for the courses and you'll have lifetime access to them).On a personal note, I ca…


BrainPint #9 - We Have To Care

Hi everyone,It's been another difficult week in America. I considered giving this week's newsletter a miss to make other more important voices get heard, but I realized that I am gifted with this platform and a voice to help get the message out. I urge you to…


BrainPint #8 - 8 and a half minutes

Hi friends!What a week. I'll take you through two pivotal moments in a contrast of two vastly different situations where 8 and a half minutes changed things drastically. There's a huge dichotomy.It took 8 and a half minutes to get into space yesterday. SpaceX…


BrainPint #7 - Supercharged Toolkit

Hi friends!Lately, I've been building many things as I'm convinced that creation is more powerful than consumption. (Also, Marc Andreesen says it's time to build).No Code AppsAfter half a day of intense concentration last Saturday, I'm proud to bring you my f…


BrainPint #6 - Effective Meetings & Being Successful

Hi friends,Happy weekend!Get a free resume checker tool for life, tips on how to run effective meetings and access to one of my favourite rabbit holes of my teenage years.Let me know what you liked and didn't like, I want to make this newsletter the best it c…


BrainPint #5 - Anti-Goals & Saying Thanks

Hi!This week, get a writing tool to help your writing get the cut through it needs.Read about the importance of saying Thank You. Discover the concept of Anti-Goals and how they can steer you to make better life decisions.This week, David Perell asked people …


BrainPint #4 - The Birthday Edition

Hi friends.It's my birthday! Today morning I celebrated by taking a walk outside of my home for the first time in 49 days. It's been one of the craziest years ever (in good and bad ways), but I've never been more grateful. It's been a curious season of growth…


BrainPint #3 - Motion vs Action

The lockdown continues and so does the learning binge.This week I completed Coursera's Learning How To Learn course and got FreeCodeCamp's Responsive Web Design Certification. Got those HTML & CSS Basics down, so I can't wait to start on JavaScript.📖 Why …


BrainPint #2 - Gotta Keep Rovin'

Hi friends!The quarantine here in Spain has passed the 30 day mark and it's likely that it will be extended. "Aren't you dying of boredom?" Actually not at all (though I really miss social dancing).I'm taking advantage of this extra time to go on a learning s…


BrainPint #1 - Hello!

Hey there! Welcome to the first edition of BrainPint. I've always had a habit of trawling the web since I was a kid, venturing into different corners to look for information and almost always learning new things in the process. These days I randomly ping my f…