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A curated newsletter with interesting reads, tools & learning resources sent out weekly to make you smarter.

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BrainPint #18 - It's Time To Move

I wrote a thread sharing what it takes for your newsletter to stand out in a sea of others, covering landing pages, confirmation emails and value propositions.


BrainPint #17 - Building In Public

Lenny Rachitsky compiled a list of useful PM templates. Useful, editable resources.


BrainPint #16 - Newsletter Landing Pages

You're probably sick of recipes, but I have to share these! Bon Appetit's Best Banana Bread, Buttermilk Pantry's Not Your Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie (it pulls apart to reveal melty middles)


BrainPint #15 - Long Term Games

How to type 3x faster using Text Expanders. Guide here on common ways to use them.


BrainPint #14 - The Newsletter Economy

Let's talk more about newsletters since they're what drove you here this week.Marie Dolle has done a great job mapping the newsletter ecosystem. Newsletters are no longer just about the content and platform, they have a wider impact on media, communication an…


BrainPint #13 - Getting Better Each Day

Toby Howell from Morning Brew asked Twitter for a list of Chrome Extensions and received many great ideas, from tab suspenders to video speed controls.


BrainPint #12 - Ideas

"Stay away from people who are world-weary and belittle your ambitions. Unfortunately, this is most of the world. But they hold on to the past, and you want to live in the future." - Sam Altman


BrainPint #11 - Moats & Bankruptcy

"Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people." - Eleanor Roosevelt


BrainPint #10 - Keep Learning

How knowledge develops by Tim Urban of Wait But Why.


BrainPint #9 - We Have To Care

"My friends, be audacious with your hope. Never believe that the world can’t change. Never believe that you can’t change." - Jon Foreman in his article The Dark Horse


BrainPint #8 - 8 and a half minutes

"Follow your curiosity wherever you can find it" - Anna Holmes


BrainPint #7 - Supercharged Toolkit

“Charisma has nothing to do with energy; it comes from a clarity of WHY. It comes from absolute conviction in an ideal bigger than oneself. Energy, in contrast, comes from a good night’s sleep or lots of caffeine. Energy can excite. But only charisma can insp…


BrainPint #6 - Effective Meetings & Being Successful

"Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once you learn that, you'll never be the same again." – Steve Jobs


BrainPint #5 - Anti-Goals & Saying Thanks

"Courage isn't the absence of fear. It's just doing it anyway. " - Jack Butcher


BrainPint #4 - The Birthday Edition

It's time to pay homage to the Pint in BrainPint. My favourite beer is Augustiner Helles. It's liquid gold, with a taste like no other. A clear and light golden yellow. So easy to drink.Backstory: I was CouchSurfing in Munich, Germany in 2014 when my host Fra…


BrainPint #3 - Motion vs Action

Motion vs ActionAs I learned from Atomic Habits, if you want to do something, you actually have to get around to doing it. Excerpt:"When you’re in motion, you’re planning and strategizing and learning. Those are all good things, but they don’t produce a resul…


BrainPint #2 - Gotta Keep Rovin'

Hi friends!The quarantine here in Spain has passed the 30 day mark and it's likely that it will be extended. "Aren't you dying of boredom?" Actually not at all (though I really miss social dancing).I'm taking advantage of this extra time to go on a learning s…


BrainPint #1 - Hello!

"Ignore the unfairness - there is no fair. Play the hand you've been dealt with to the best of your ability." - Naval Ravikant