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BrainPint #2 - Gotta Keep Rovin'

BrainPint #2 - Gotta Keep Rovin'
By Janel • Issue #2 • View online
Hi friends!
The quarantine here in Spain has passed the 30 day mark and it’s likely that it will be extended. “Aren’t you dying of boredom?” Actually not at all (though I really miss social dancing).
I’m taking advantage of this extra time to go on a learning spree, start projects like this newsletter, make tweaks to my life to increase productivity & connect with friends/interesting people.
If any of you are going through a tough time, check out Sam Bern’s tips on living a happy life below. Certainly puts things in perspective.
Thanks for running along with me!
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How to Take a Digital Note by Tiago Forte
Productivity 101: The Pomodoro Technique
How to Disable In-App Ratings & Reviews on iPhone & iPad
Interesting Reads
Influential Fitness Instructors Are Flexing New Muscles as Gyms Shutter Amid Coronavirus
My philosophy for a happy life | Sam Berns | TEDxMidAtlantic
Read The Room | SparkToro
NASA’s Curiosity team is operating the Mars rover from home – TechCrunch
Take A Brain Break
Free Online Games To Play With Your Friends
Quibi (Short-form video streaming)
You Probably Need A Haircut
Quote Of The Week
Far better to fail at building a magnificent world than to succeed in monochromatic survival - Jon Foreman
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By Janel

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