BrainPint #18 - It's Time To Move



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BrainPint #18 - It's Time To Move
By Janel • Issue #18 • View online
Hi all,
I’ve got some news to share about BrainPint.
When I first started writing, I chose Revue over Substack due to the special curation superpowers it has. However, as the newsletter grows and my writing style evolves, I want to have more control over the format of the newsletter, where it’s housed and how each email looks. I share some of Kevin’s thoughts - see his post to understand why he has moved away from platforms.
I’ve been pondering this move for a month and building a landing page was a stepping stone to making this decision. I finally decided to pull the trigger this week, so this will be the last email I’m sending on Revue. Look out for an email next Tuesday from janel [at] brainpint [dot] com. I’m excited yet nervous about this move!
What’s going to change?
  • I’ll be sending newsletters from a different Email Service Provider, using my own domain
  • I’ll drop “BrainPint #Issue Number” from the Subject Line as it doesn’t really add value to you
  • Less empty space between links! More creativity! 🙌
There are now 220 curious people reading BrainPint.
It’s crazy to think that what started off as an experiment to share some of the best links & things I learned with friends has paved the way for new friendships, perspectives and wonderful insights.
Thanks for joining me on this journey. It makes my heart so happy and I want to keep delivering my best each week to all of you.

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Intangible Assets: The Invisible Value Driver
I wrote a thread sharing what it takes for your newsletter to stand out in a sea of others, covering landing pages, confirmation emails and value propositions.
Chirr App - Twitter thread maker app
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Seen On Twitter
Shane Parrish
Superpowers you can have:

- Ability to change yourself & your mind
- Not taking things personally
- Not needing to prove you're right
- Careful selection of all relationships
- Staying calm
- Being alone without being lonely
- Being ok being uncomfortable
- Thinking for oneself
Build a list of people you want to work with someday.

~100% of them will be unavailable when you write their names down.

You'll probably believe you'll never actually get a chance to work with >80% of them.

Keep at it long enough and you'll be stunned by how wrong you were.
Quote Of The Week
“When you lose track of time, you are either living your best life or wasting it.” - James Clear
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By Janel

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