BrainPint #16 - Newsletter Landing Pages



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BrainPint #16 - Newsletter Landing Pages
By Janel • Issue #16 • View online
Hi friends,
I’ve been obsessed with building sites lately, and a landing page for BrainPint was a perfect project.
I wrote about the process here in my attempt to start building in public. Will continue to work on tightening the copy. If any of you can think of a better hero image for BrainPint, please let me know.
I’m not sure why dedicated newsletter landing pages aren’t more common, but I believe they will gain popularity in the months ahead. It’s refreshingly easy & affordable to make one.
Some interesting newsletter landing pages:
As usual, let me know what you liked and didn’t in this edition!

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Quote Of The Week
“If you find a key and you don’t know what lock it will fit, you haven’t found much.
It’s easy to get excited about half the system, but real change and real benefit only happen when both pieces are working together.”
- Seth Godin
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By Janel

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