BrainPint #15 - Long Term Games



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BrainPint #15 - Long Term Games
By Janel • Issue #15 • View online
Hi friends,
This week I’ve been reflecting on Long Term vs Short Term Games.
Swyx (Shawn) wrote an impactful thread about the topic, reminding us only to play games we want to win. It’s easy to be caught up in other people’s games and be blinded by short-term gains.
I’ve been a competitive person since I was a kid, but I learned quickly that zero-sum games kind of suck. They don’t create meaningful value and the dopamine high of winning wears off quickly. Life is a competition, but the real battle is against ourselves.
Like Shawn, I prefer to play long term games with long term people and make meaningful connections. I also want to play games with asymmetric upside. Teaching myself valuable skills (writing, marketing, sales, no code & code) improves my outcomes.
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Let’s dive into today’s issue. Tons of goodies await.

What's GPT-3? - Technically
How to type 3x faster using Text Expanders. Guide here on common ways to use them.
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How to Start a Blog that Changes Your Life
In a time of content overload, Screenshot Essays is changing the medium of delivery via essays that fit to print on a single iPhone screenshot. Check out his piece on unbundling. Concise is cool.
Full Page Screenshot Chrome Extension
Trends Everywhere Chrome Extension
Do you have many side projects and want a way to save on email costs? Chris shows us how to use our own domains with Gmail - for free.
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swyx 🦆
💁‍♂️ How to Play Long Term Games:

Systems > Goals
Discipline > Motivation
Trust > Distrust
Principles > Tactics
Writing > Reading
Vulnerability > Confidence
North Stars > Low Hanging Fruit
Trends > News
Habits > Sprints
Questions > Answers
Problems > Solutions
People > Projects
Quote Of The Week
“The path to your dream life will not be the result of one big cosmic choice but a sum total of small, trivial looking everyday choices - lived in a big direction” - Shiao-Yin Kuik
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By Janel

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