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BrainPint #14 - The Newsletter Economy

BrainPint #14 - The Newsletter Economy
By Janel • Issue #14 • View online
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The Newsletter Economy
Let’s talk more about newsletters since they’re what drove you here this week.
Marie Dolle has done a great job mapping the newsletter ecosystem. Newsletters are no longer just about the content and platform, they have a wider impact on media, communication and marketing.
Marie discusses newsletter discovery, inbox overflow problems and more on her Substack.
As the passion economy grows, people are monetizing their creations and readers are paying for the value they receive. Paid newsletters, like Everything, Stratechery and as of this week, Ben Evans are becoming more popular.
Ben has a subscription base of 150k, so even if 2% of them convert to a $100 annual plan, he’s going to be pulling in a cool $300k 👀
Critics of newsletters argue that consumers can only tolerate so many distractions. Web (2PM) pushes back in his latest Type House memo, saying that this fear may be overstated. A category of newsletters “helps to build a new world by enabling education, professional growth, or networking opportunities” and I too believe that the best creators will be able to outwork fatigue.
Further reading:
  • Dru Riley writes about paid newsletters at
Interesting Reads
30 life lessons before turning 30 - Ness Labs
How to speak so that people want to listen - TEDTalk
Shreyas Doshi tweeted about biases and fallacies we encounter when building products. This explains why smart product people often build products with mediocre or no impact.
Copy Paste List
A twitter thread of free web development resources which spans a diverse range (includes coding classes, hosting and design tools).
Quote Of The Week
“Think for yourself. Everyone has a unique picture of how things work and function, and yours is as valuable as anyone’s”
- Kelly Slater
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