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BrainPint #1 - Hello!

BrainPint #1 - Hello!
By Janel • Issue #1 • View online
Hey there! Welcome to the first edition of BrainPint.
I’ve always had a habit of trawling the web since I was a kid, venturing into different corners to look for information and almost always learning new things in the process.
These days I randomly ping my friends information I find that I think might be interesting, fun or useful to their personal development and growth.
One day I had this thought - instead of individually sending things to people, why not share a collection of curated tools & reads that can lift people during this period where everyone is confined at home? This way, we can learn and grow together. As well as have a laugh over some fun little sites.
BrainPint is here for that reason. To be a weekly refreshment for your mind! 🍺
Thanks for being on this journey with me.

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Quote Of The Week
“Ignore the unfairness - there is no fair. Play the hand you’ve been dealt with to the best of your ability.” - Naval Ravikant
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By Janel

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