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The latest and greatest news from the world of bots!

The latest and greatest news from the world of bots!

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Bot! zine - Issue #100

💯 issues strong! Thanks to everyone who has been with us on this journey. If you're feeling generous, pass this issue along to someone who may enjoy it -- the more the merrier! Happy  π Day!@veronica


Bot! zine - Issue #99

Hello everyone! This week, we have a couple of interesting stories about bots that were created to help people: Spot, which allows you to report workplace sexual harassment or discrimination; and Woebot, a tool to help people cope with mental illness.What are…


Bot! zine - Issue #98

Happy new week! Wanted to point out quickly that Botmakers is having our next event in Brooklyn, NY on the 28th of Feb. If you're interested in speaking or presenting at this event (or ones in the future) send an email to re: Botmaker…


Bot! zine - Issue #97

Hello everyone! Thanks for being patient with me during my little hiatus. Not to get too self-referential, but the company I work for did a total rebrand / relaunch, and it took up most of our waking hours! Check it out at (yup, it's a bot).Mean…


Bot! zine - Issue #96

Hello everyone -- while the FCC has already voted to repeal net neutrality protections, it's not the end of the story. This will be a conversation (and court process) that will be drawn out for the foreseeable future, and the topic of bots weighs heavily into…


Bot! zine - Issue #95

Hello everyone! This week on Bot!zine, we have some news on bots and blockchain (because of course we do), some details on chatbot retention, and info on how you can make use of Mozilla's voice dataset!Keep sending in those art bots and projects too, we want …


Bot! zine - Issue #94

Hello everyone! Hoping you can take a moment or two to answer the survey below about future Botmakers events! We'd love your input.We'll be back after the American Thanksgiving break! Have a great 🦃 day if you celebrate!@veronica


Bot! zine - Issue #93

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 👻 🎃We do have some spooky scary bot stories in the lineup today. Though, nothing is as scary as Twitter's lack of response to the bot situation on the platform (the political kind, not the fun, art bot kind). Have a safe Halloween!@veronica


Bot! zine - Issue #92

I went a little 🍌 with the Twitter bots this week, but there were just so many good ones! Also, make sure you check out the highlights from the very first Botmakers Meetup in Brooklyn! We have links to all the speakers, and video from the event. Hope to see y…


Bot! zine - Issue #91

I got some great feedback from a reader last week ( 👋 Luke!) about newsletter content. He wanted to see more art bot coverage, so I'm hoping to get a little more back to our "roots" this week in the New Bots section. Harder, however, to find good stories abou…


Bot! zine - Issue #90

Hey everyone!Quick ask: Revue (who hosts this newsletter) is doubling their prices. If you have even a dollar to spare, please consider supporting our community by chipping in to our Patreon! We are completely volunteer-run, and all money goes into hosting th…


Bot! zine - Issue #89

The story broke last week about Microsoft and Amazon working together to make Cortana and Alexa compatible together, which is pretty significant. While Apple and Google haven't yet put their hats into the ring, I think the best case for the user is to have al…


Bot! zine - Issue #88

Hello everyone! I had an interesting question posed to me this week. I met with a high school student (Hi, Katie!) who asked about the ethics of using bots to handle some of our day-to-day interactions -- in this particular case, I had used to schedule o…


Bot! zine - Issue #87

Hello everyone! Apologies for missing last week, I was a little under the weather and catching up from a week of remote working. My favorite story this week is from Wired, below. Everyone was in a bit of a panic over the Facebook bots that "created their own …


Bot! zine - Issue #86

Happy Tuesday, everyone! How is your week going so far? Had to really dig for events this week -- maybe everyone is on summer vacation? Who knows. Bots don't need a vacation, which is funny and also terrifying.@veronica


Bot! zine - Issue #85

Hello everyone! Had a great time meeting some of you at the Slack Developer Workshop last week. It's always fun to get to meet people working on similar issues and problems. To me, that's what's so awesome about working in bots -- so much of what we're doing …


Bot! zine - Issue #84

So many stories this week, I don't even know where to start! I'm so excited for Joshua Browder and all the work he's doing around his DoNotPay bot. It has expanded in a major way, and it's helping tons of people figure out how to navigate tricky legal situati…


Bot! zine - Issue #83

We had last week off, so there's a lot to catch up on in the world of bots! I especially loved the article below about monks trying to figure out the classic Trolley Problem.Don't forget: you can send me stories and links to stuff you're excited about by repl…


Bot! zine - Issue #82

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope your week is going well so far. I highly recommend checking out the story below, Why Chatbots Fail - I really love these kinds of highly-designed stories. Also, total self-promo, but I did an interview on product management for b…


Bot! zine - Issue #81

Some great responses to my question last week about bot therapists -- what's the right implementation? I was speaking at a startup event yesterday and one of the audience asked if I could design a 'FounderBot' that can motivate you and pick you up on the inev…