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Bot! zine - Issue #97

Bot! zine - Issue #97
By Bot! zine • Issue #97 • View online
Hello everyone! Thanks for being patient with me during my little hiatus. Not to get too self-referential, but the company I work for did a total rebrand / relaunch, and it took up most of our waking hours! Check it out at (yup, it’s a bot).
Meanwhile, over on Botmakers, we can someone send in a question for the community to answer!
Hi. I’m a real estate appraiser. I work in front of a computer all day. Some days I just harvest data from certain webpages and either store the results as PDF docs or tabulate them into spreadsheets and word documents. This part of my job is tedious and repetitive. I’m just starting to think that maybe bots can help this part. Can I automate the harvesting and PDF printing somewhat with bots? Can you show me an example of that?
@Johnathan responded with:
Not sure I totally understand the use case the writer is trying to fulfill, but here are two articles which I think may be applicable:
And @marcilioqsj responded with:
In my opinion he is looking for a webscrapper, get the data from a database, and dump in another one. I don’t know if a bot is really necessary in this scenario. Maybe a bot can make it more friendly, doing things like notifying him in case of finding a specific keyword in the data.
Thanks for all the help! 
Oh, I also did a whole episode on bots for my podcast, IRL. It’s in the links below, and I talk to several people from our community. Link is below :)

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