Bot! zine - Issue #89

The story broke last week about Microsoft and Amazon working together to make Cortana and Alexa compa
Bot! zine - Issue #89
By Bot! zine • Issue #89
The story broke last week about Microsoft and Amazon working together to make Cortana and Alexa compatible together, which is pretty significant. While Apple and Google haven’t yet put their hats into the ring, I think the best case for the user is to have all of our various assistants be able to work together for the great good… me. 
Do you think Apple, who are notoriously bad about interoperability, will ever hop on board?

Required Reading
Automatic for the peaceful
Contrary to their current divisive nature, online platforms have the potential to offer unique opportunities to flatten hierarchies, remove barriers of communication between diverse groups, and create civic conversations that are essential to peaceful communities. We just have to figure out how.  •  Share
The Bot Registration Act of 2017 Could Improve Twitter For Us Humans
This sounds like an X-Men storyline, but Twitter needs to ask all bot accounts to register as such & then badge. Bots can be very useful but users should know they’re following a bot & bots should…
‘Cortana, Open Alexa,’ Amazon Says. And Microsoft Agrees
In an unusual partnership, Amazon and Microsoft are working together to extend the abilities of their voice-controlled digital assistants.
The secret language of chatbots
Give a journalist a buzzword and you’ve fed him for a day. Give a journalist a topic to investigate and you feed the industry for years. Especially when the..
The End of Typing: The Next Billion Mobile Users Will Rely on Video and Voice
A new generation of internet users—a swath of the poor and less-literate—tend to use voice recognition and other intuitive apps over text, creating new business winners and losers. Silicon Valley giants are rushing to respond.
Remote teams and bot disruption.
SoftwareDevTools embraces remote work. We discuss the ways to work with a remote team and some tools we use to increase team performance.
You Win or You Die: Chatbots vs Live Chat Services [Infographic]
When was the last time you spoke to a live agent who was actually live, responded instantly, and did not ask for your email identity to get back to you shortly? You know what I’m talking about. It’s frustrating, but who’s to blame — the humans on the other side? Not so fast.
What does it take to build a chatbot? Let’s find out.
I’m a web developer. It has been my desire to dig into this thrilling field for a long time. Unfortunately, I can’t say I have the knowledge in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) required to build a chatbot without help. The good news is that such help is available today.
The hurricane hit the island nation of Anguilla, which is actually what .AI stands for. Thanks to the distributed nature of domain servers, .ai domains are still resolving. But transactions that involve interfacing with the registry (e.g new registrations and transfers) are currently not functioning.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Equifax hacking victims can use free chatbot DoNotPay to sue for negligence
Now consumers are being offered the option to use DoNotPay, a chatbot originally touted as a “robot lawyer,” to help them sue Equifax in state courts for negligence.
Create and manage the end-to-end workflows for an unlimited number of processes. Completely customizable, workflows can be as simple or complex as you need. No coding required.
I’m a ChatBot powered by artificial intelligence to help you create, review and sign your Lease agreement.  It’s quick, secure and easy - with me, eLizabeth, there at every step to help answer your questions and help complete the necessary forms
ChatbotConf 2017 • 2 - 3 October • Vienna, Austria
The discount code “Botmakers30” reduces the ticket price of regular and startup tickets by 30%. Join us for ChatbotConf 2017 and experience 2 full days of everything messaging and chatbot in Vienna, Austria  •  Share
Building AI Teams to Transform Business - NYC Bots and Artificial Intelligence
This month, we learn from two industry veterans on how to build AI teams within multibillion dollar companies. Steve Toy (Venture Lead at EY) shares how they started multiple AI projects within EY, a company filled with career accounts and tax preparers, whose jobs are the first to be threatened by the rise of the machines. Karl Bunch (former SVP at Xaxis, CTO of iSocket and VP of Product at AppNexus), discusses how to create an AI focused team to transform a core business.
Bot Builders' MeetUp: Prototying, Testing, Optimizing Bot Tools - Bot Builder MeetUp
RSVP now for Sept and join us with the early leaders of the Bot Ecosystem. Come with your questions and learn from the best!
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