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Bot! zine - Issue #88

Bot! zine - Issue #88
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Hello everyone! 
I had an interesting question posed to me this week. I met with a high school student (Hi, Katie!) who asked about the ethics of using bots to handle some of our day-to-day interactions – in this particular case, I had used to schedule our in-person meeting. She admitted that she felt a little put off by having been passed off to a bot to find a time to meet. 
I was startled! Maybe because in the tech world, I’ve been passed off to someone’s executive assistant for meeting scheduling so many times, that I didn’t even think of it. But maybe it was more about it being done through a bot rather than a human, and that I didn’t explain the situation before doing the handoff. 
I’m not sure what the etiquette here is! Should we always let people know they’re about to talk to a bot? Is it the bot’s job to let them know? Let me know your thoughts by responding back!
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