Bot! zine - Issue #88

Hello everyone! I had an interesting question posed to me this week. I met with a high school student
Bot! zine - Issue #88
By Bot! zine • Issue #88
Hello everyone! 
I had an interesting question posed to me this week. I met with a high school student (Hi, Katie!) who asked about the ethics of using bots to handle some of our day-to-day interactions – in this particular case, I had used to schedule our in-person meeting. She admitted that she felt a little put off by having been passed off to a bot to find a time to meet. 
I was startled! Maybe because in the tech world, I’ve been passed off to someone’s executive assistant for meeting scheduling so many times, that I didn’t even think of it. But maybe it was more about it being done through a bot rather than a human, and that I didn’t explain the situation before doing the handoff. 
I’m not sure what the etiquette here is! Should we always let people know they’re about to talk to a bot? Is it the bot’s job to let them know? Let me know your thoughts by responding back!
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Poncho, the betaworks-backed weather service, has raised $2.4 million in seed funding led by Lightspeed Ventures.
Poncho launched out of betaworks the same year as Giphy and Dots, and uses SMS and email to bring the news to you in an entertaining way.
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Beyond bots: Bringing software into workplace conversations
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New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
BannedBooks_bot (@BannedBooks_bot)
Celebrating the freedom to read by tweeting one banned or challenged book every 4 hours. | #botALLY created by @clairesayswhat
Destroy This Statue (@destroystatue)
This bot finds the more than 700 #ConfederateMonuments in the US and gives you directions to them. Time for a road trip. Data from @splcenter.
A pattern you may have noticed: many bot and troll accounts have usernames that end in 8 random digits.
Frontiers by Slack Sept 12-13
Use my code for $100 off! SPNSR-GROWBOT50
A two-day conference bringing together industry leaders, Slack customers, developers, and partners to explore how shifts in organizational culture, communication, and technology are transforming the way we work. Be among the first to hear about Slack’s newest product features.
Using JavaScript and Twitter’s API we will create an “intelligent” bot. An easy and fun way to learn how JavaScript can be used to build real projects. Our bot will search for tweets mentioning different keywords and reply to them with a pre-defined answer.
8/30 Everything you need to know before implementing chatbots for your business - IOT Round Table Chicago
Chatbots have the capability to become the face of any brand, as it is the direct medium of communication between company and its customers. In this event, we will discuss the best practices that should be followed while creating chatbots.
8/31 Millionaire's Mixer: Road to 1 Million Bot Messages -  San Francisco New Technology
Join Dashbot to celebrate bots that have reached 1 million messages in less than 6 months. The millionaires will be showcasing their bots and explaining strategies they used to reach this level of growth.
Please join us for an AWSome talk from Tom Wilson as he presents, “Introducing Amazon Lex and using NodeJS MicroJS/Redux as a pattern for building bots”
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