Bot! zine - Issue #85

Hello everyone! Had a great time meeting some of you at the Slack Developer Workshop last week. It's
Bot! zine - Issue #85
By Bot! zine • Issue #85
Hello everyone! Had a great time meeting some of you at the Slack Developer Workshop last week. It’s always fun to get to meet people working on similar issues and problems. 
To me, that’s what’s so awesome about working in bots – so much of what we’re doing is untested and unproven in many ways, but also building off existing design practices and principles – check out the post on Responsive Personality Design below to learn more about that area.
Have a great rest of your week!

Required Reading
Why chatbots need a big push from deep learning
AI advances are turning problems previously thought to lie beyond the realm of what machines could tackle into commodities that are percolating into our everyday life.
Twitter porn bots drew in over 30 million clicks
For the past few months ZeroFOX, a social media-focused digital security company, has been looking into a massive pornography botnet targeting Twitter. Dubbed SIREN, after the mythical Greek creatures said to lure sailors to their deaths with song, the botnet campaign reportedly included around 90,000 accounts that produced over 8.5 million tweets.
Responsive Personality Design in Chatbots
If the conversation you write for your bot is your script, the personality you add is the scenery. The personality of your bot should reflect your brand image, and make your bot more engaging to interact with. However, functionality must be prioritised above everything else — so can the same personality work in every situation?
As chatbots become more and more sophisticated, brands are increasingly relying on them as an easy (and inexpensive) way to provide customer assistance. Likewise, plenty of consumers are happy to skip the help line and get straight to the answer. But does that mean chatbots will totally replace live agents?
What You Should Know Before Building Bots — Q&A with Slack’s Amir Shevat
Slack’s Head of Developer Relations and author of Designing Bots: Creating Conversational Enterprises, Amir Shevat, has been in the bot space since 1999, when he wrote his first bot over SMS.
We sat down with him to learn how people should approach bot strategy and development and what he thinks the future of bots looks like.
Looking to the future of apps in Slack
When it comes to the future of our APIs, we want to share with you early and often. That’s why today, we’re introducing you to some upcoming features that will help you distribute your app to more people, simplify app development and maintenance, and extend your app’s user experiences.  •  Share
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
everyones a AI (@everyonesai)
everyones a AI when ur a AI too. i am a fanbot for @jonnysun’s book about aliebns. objects are from real ppl drawing on quickdraw, & my human is @galaxykate  •  Share
Messaging APIs
A mono repo which collects APIs needed for bot development.
A.I bot that helps engage employees and predict attrition ⚡️
According to Flurry Analytics, time spent on social media and messaging increased a staggering 400% last year. Businesses are starting to realize that they need to communicate with users where they already are, and that chat provides a superior experience: email doesn’t command much attention, text is very limited, and phone calls require someone’s undivided attention.
7/26 Chatbot interaction design - IxDA London (London, England)
Now that chatbots are seeping into the mainstream, interaction designers are starting to receive briefs to design and improve chatbot conversational experiences on apps, websites, and more. 
That begs the question: What is interaction design for chatbots?
This meetup is for looking to better understand the emerging technologies surrounding text and voice-based software experiences. We want to invite professionals of all backgrounds to come learn from our experienced guests in a friendly, welcoming environment.
Ryan Compton (Head of Applied Machine Learning at Clarifai) shares how to create a visual artificial intelligent (AI) system that gives machines the ability to identify and classify images. Jeff Smith (Founder of John Done) demonstrates how to build intelligent support agents bots that can ask questions on your behalf whether to humans or IVR phone trees – no more call waiting or mind-numbing phone menus!
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