Bot! zine - Issue #81

Some great responses to my question last week about bot therapists -- what's the right implementation
Bot! zine - Issue #81
By Bot! zine • Issue #81
Some great responses to my question last week about bot therapists – what’s the right implementation? 
I was speaking at a startup event yesterday and one of the audience asked if I could design a ‘FounderBot’ that can motivate you and pick you up on the inevitably tough days. So maybe a 'bot therapist’ could work well if it was niche, and could be targeted to the specific challenges that role/position often faces?
Indi Tansey - Codebots
And on Twitter, Benjamin Brandall had some ideas:
Just read Bot zine; I feel like an AI therapist is closer than we might think in terms of responding to patients but the natural language parsing would need to be extremely advanced. Thoughts? Are we close?
I don’t think so. I think we’re at the point where bots can ask some leading questions that could get people to think through their feelings, but I still (personally) wouldn’t trust a bot to make a solid diagnosis. But if you disagree, let me know!
p.s. The zine is going to start coming out on Tuesdays now, so don’t be ⏰ if you don’t see it in your inbox first thing Monday morning!

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