Bot! zine - Issue #79

Hello, everyone! I really loved the article below on developing bot personalities. I recently took my
Bot! zine - Issue #79
By Bot! zine • Issue #79
Hello, everyone! I really loved the article below on developing bot personalities. I recently took my Myers-Briggs test (any other ESFJs in the house?), so the idea of giving your bot a personality based on that test is a really interesting one.
How did you decide on your bot’s personality? Any creative ideas?

Required Reading
Conversational interfaces have reduced user experience down to a few lines of text. With bots, UX becomes conversational, products talk back, and persona’s now go both ways. Every bot has a voice — which means every bot needs a personality.
The other major feature rolling out today is an expanded selection of Skype’s bots and add-ins. Microsoft envisions how you’ll be able to chat directly with its virtual assistant Cortana, or its newer assistant Scoop, which pulls in news from
In this episode of the O’Reilly Bots Podcast, Pete Skomoroch and Jon Bruner talk to Jason Laska and Michael Akilian of Clara Labs, creator of a virtual assistant—Clara—that schedules meetings and interacts in natural language through email.
The rise of chatbots also signals a landscape-altering reality: the decline of standalone mobile apps. Alphabet, Facebook, Snap and others see a world in which a spoken or typed word can trigger software that is intelligent enough to handle airline reservations, make clothing purchases, or a reorganize someone’s calendar. 
The intense focus on Twitter’s pro-Trump bot scourge is an enticing but partial explanation for a far more difficult problem.
Let’s face it: when we’re programming, we’re all beginners sometimes. Whether we’re brand-new coders learning the basics of how to build an app, or seasoned professionals trying out new APIs and web services, part of being a programmer is putting yourself in unfamiliar territory.
But trying new things can be a little intimidating. So we’ve invented a brand new way to get help in realtime with Glitch: it’s as easy as raising your hand.  •  Share
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Glitch is a community (and a website) that “helps you build the app or bot of your dreams”. Botwiki has several tutorials and guides on how to use Glitch to create and host bots.
Now “hiring”, just ask for a job if you want one! | Generated domains are actually confirmed available in Whois at time of posting. | bot by @vgan
Build, train and publish a simple question and answer bot based on FAQ URLs, structured documents or editorial content in minutes.
Calling all bot developers, enthusiasts, marketers of NY! Dashbot is coming to East Coast and we’re bringing together a power panel of bot leaders on Monday, June 5 at Samsung NEXT.
Our next theme is “bots” – – and everything around bots including, why do they always seem to have female voices? The future of computing revolves around these three actors: humans, digital assistants, and bots. Chatbots will work as go-betweens between systems and people.
Talk 1 - Creating a Slack Bot What happens when you get some cool new tech, you build useless things with it! We had an Alex Dot and Slack so we built a company work report tool that talks to you.

Talk 2 - Upgrading to PHP7 In this talk I will highlight some cool new features, as well as some traps to look out for when upgrading to PHP 7. This was spurred on by the fact that at the PHP conference last year, the majority of attendees where still on PHP 5.5 - 6.
-Tips and Thoughts from IDEO, Google, and the Bot 1.0 landscape

 -How to do user feedback sessions for voice UX (it’s different!)

 -Interactive sessions with one live bot
-Play with the bots the Google Actions team think are the best
RSVP early to grab a seat.
Hope to see you there :)
For next couple of meetups, we will working on Bot series to build bots for different platforms and use cases using open source technologies.
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