Bot! zine - Issue #78

Stanky Bean? Snowbonk? Grass Bat? These are just some of the amazing ideas an AI came up with when ta
Bot! zine - Issue #78
By Bot! zine • Issue #78
Stanky Bean? Snowbonk? Grass Bat? These are just some of the amazing ideas an AI came up with when tasked to create and name new paint colors. This article really blew up my Twitter stream this week, with good (hilarious) reason.
Paint color names are supposed to give the buyer a feeling, something that’s inspirational, yet achievable. But I don’t know… I feel pretty inspired by Stanky Bean, personally. 

Required Reading
An AI invented a bunch of new paint colors that are hilariously wrong
Let’s just say this neural network won’t make you fear the robot uprising.
Artificial Lawyer Interview: Joshua Browder, DoNotPay
Over the last two and a half years DoNotPay has captured people’s imaginations and become synonymous with DIY legal tech innovation that can make a big impact. It’s also inspired many other people to have a go at access to justice hackathons and to develop their own legal bots.
10 Twitter Bots to Follow for Writing Inspiration
How do you get inspired as a writer? Here are ten Twitter bots to follow that will help you generate new ideas for stories and poems. aims to make state of the art AI advances accessible to everyone
On the stage of Google I/O, CEO Sundar Pichai announced, a new initiative to democratize the benefits of the latest in machine learning research. will serve as a center of Google’s AI efforts — including research, tools and applied AI.
Why chatbots like Ask Wiz aren't the future of tech support
AI chatbots have come a long way, but are they ready to take over to fill a role in tech support? Jack Wallen addresses this looming question.
Amazon begins rewarding top-performing Alexa Skill developers with direct payments
Amazon has quietly launched a new program that will directly pay developers building high-quality Alexa skills — the voice-activated apps for Alexa-powered devices like the Amazon Echo speaker and related products. This is the first time Amazon has offered a means for Alexa developers to monetize their skills on its app store.
Dashbot’s Dennis Yang: Why Conversational Data Captured His Attention — And Why You Should Care Too
Dennis Yang has worn many hats during his career in tech. He’s currently the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Dashbot, but he’s been involved in more than five companies (in various roles) since moving to San Francisco in 1997. He deeply understands startups, breaking things, fixing things, and the path from idea to profitable product.
The everlasting appeal of a Twitter bot that never stops screaming - The Verge
On any given day, @infinite_scream’s Twitter timeline is a chorus of all-caps yelling. “AAAAHHHHHHH,” it screamed shortly after its creation in October 2015; “AAAAAAAAAH,” it expelled today, during the morning commute. Years separate those tweets, but the only changes to the monosyllabic account across 19 months are its variations in spelling. The intention is consistent.
Utopian and dystopian visions of an AI-dominated future are everywhere, from films to tech company press releases. But what are people really concerned about? The Royal Society created a public dialogue to find out
Chatbot design today is like web design in 1996
Chatbot design in 2017 is like web design back in 1996: In its infancy.
Even the state of the art is a little bit odd. It’s not very easy to use. It can be confusing. It has potential. It sports a lot of GIFs. Design principles that will be obvious in the future are obscure now.
5/23 Smarter & Cuter Bots - New York Software Engineers (NYSE)
Everyone loves a good Twitter bot, and node lets you get one up and running very easily. But what if we made bots cuter and more intelligent? Instead of using text as fodder for this bot, I’ll show you how to use Twitter’s API, ImageMagick, and Microsoft’s Face API to manipulate selfies with cute overlays in a simple and easy to use node twitter bot.
Sarah will take you step by step on how to get your proper tools, build a bot, deploy it to the cloud, and how to get it up and running on different platforms. This is an ideal session for those who are familiar with Azure and would like to apply it to something new.
5/23 News by Bot: Sharing ABC's real world experience wrangling a Facebook bot - Hacks/Hackers Brisbane
Chatbots have been the hot topic in tech in the last year. There are predictions they will disrupt mobile apps as the way people get their information from media. Should you be all over them or ignoring them as hype?
5/25 Everything you need to know about chatbots - Techfest Club: the monthly event for women in tech (New York, NY)
What are chatbots? How should they fit into my marketing strategy? Should I build one? What if I don’t code? What are the chances it’s all hype?
We’ll be answering these questions in this overview of Chatbots. If you’re curious about at all about this new way to deliver content to users, come have breakfast with us!
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