Bot! zine - Issue #77

Happy Monday, everyone! Check out the interview founder Stefan did with the Glitch team b
Bot! zine - Issue #77
By Bot! zine • Issue #77
Happy Monday, everyone! 
Check out the interview founder Stefan did with the Glitch team below. Stefan was an early user of Glitch, and he’s created some great tutorials using the platform. 
Have you created anything cool with Glitch yet? Email me back and let me know!

Required Reading
Creator Spotlight: Building Twitter Bots with Stefan Bohacek
Twitter’s history with developers has been a rocky one, to say the least. But like the on-again, off-again relationships of our teenage years, it seems despite this tumultuous past we just can’t get…  •  Share
Microsoft launches Skype video bots in preview
Bots will soon be able to join video conversations in 1:1 and group Skype calls, Microsoft announced today.
This bot is watching the three wallets associated with the #wcrypt ransomware attack and will tweet every time it sees a new payment  •  Share
AI pioneer will advise chatbot startup that provides free legal advice to immigrants
Dr. Yoshua Bengio, one of the key researchers credited with establishing the field of deep learning, announced today that he will serve as a strategy adviser for legal tech company Botler AI.
Bing now serves up bots from Facebook Messenger, Slack, and other chat apps
Thousands of Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, and Telegram bots can now be found by searching, a source familiar with the matter has informed VentureBeat.
Why we killed the Slack chatbot we built for small businesses
Every year, Mint skidaddles out of London for a week and splits into teams to work on a challenging brief. We call it the Web App Weekender (it has grown in size since it was first named). 
Our OSCON Demo: A GitHub and IBM Watson Powered Slack Bot
The GitHub Archive is a project that collects all the data from the public GitHub timeline, and makes it freely available and easily accessible for analysis.
At, we have been working with the GitHub Archive dataset for a while now. It’s an amazing resource, and a very useful for source of example data for building demos.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Hosting bots on Glitch | botwiki 🤖
Introduction to hosting bots on Glitch.
This short Facebook chatbot tutorial will help you to create your own messenger chatbot in just 9 minutes. Your chatbot will be hosted in Glitch (free) and we will use Facebook’s Messenger Platform quick start page as a template.  •  Share
Cisco Spark bot samples built with BotKit
This bot turns emoji tags to unicode characters and posts back the ‘emojified’ phrase
The bot leverages the experimental websocket library for CiscoSpark, so that you don’t need to register a Webhook onto CiscoSpark, and expose your bot in the internet.
5/17 Enterprise AI & Bots
Enterprise AI & Bots - Splash -
Curious about the latest developments in enterprise A.I.? We’re featuring an all-star panel of entrepreneurs and executives innovating in the space. Join us for a night of food, drink, learning, and networking. 
Come learn about how Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning will power the Bots to revolutionize the way people and companies will begin to interact with each other. Discover how mobile apps will be overtaken and destroyed by the rise of Artificial Intelligence.
5/18 Building Bots using AWS - Dallas Technology Meetup (Dallas, TX)
We will have a hands on session on building bots with AWS using Amazon Lambda
5/19 Chatbots 101 - Chatbots and AI Meetup (Toronto, ON)
A high level seminar on how to build chatbots on all popular messaging services using the following cloud services:
• Microsoft Bot Framework
• Amazon AWS AI
We will also discuss best strategies for marketing your cross platform bot.
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