Bot! zine - Issue #76

Happy Monday, everyone!I'm looking forward to stopping by the Superbot Conference tomorrow, so if you
Bot! zine - Issue #76
By Bot! zine • Issue #76
Happy Monday, everyone!
I’m looking forward to stopping by the Superbot Conference tomorrow, so if you’re going to be there make sure you say hi! 
Also, if you enjoy this newsletter, share it! It helps us find new readers and brings new people into Botmakers (and more brains working together is always good). 

Required Reading
Where are they now? The Russian bots that disrupted the 2016 election
Seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies agreed that Russia was behind several hacking incidents, including the infamous email breach of the Democratic National Committee last year that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blames for her electoral loss. But now that the United States’ election is over, where are they?
LinkedIn chatbots to help with 'important conversations'
In an update to its terms and conditions, LinkedIn told users in an email this week that they would be able to opt in to use “productivity bots” from next month.
It said users would be able to improve their “communication” via new automated systems that will “use information in your messages to suggest responses, meetings, ice breakers, or insights to help you have important conversations more easily.”
Stop, help, and other four-letter words people love sending to chatbots
Having processed nearly three billion messages at Dashbot, we’ve taken an updated look at the most popular, and sometimes not so popular, messages users send to Facebook bots.
Last year, I talked about how Browser Extensions are changing the way we work. Reducing the number of places we need to go during our work day can directly improve company performance metrics and help your business scale faster and more efficiently, all while creating a better experience for your customers.
This month I set myself the challenge of making a Twitter bot. There are lots of ways to make bots (as explains), including using existing code from Github (written in Python and Ruby) and deploying it as an app on Heroku, or by using sites such as  •  Share
Calm your angry, angry Twitter feed with this soothing emoji bot
The @EmojiMeadow Twitter bot is sending out positive vibes into feeds in the form of “emoji meadows”. Featuring member Joe Sondow!
The 7 Best Articles on Bots for Healthcare
What are healthcare professionals doing with chatbots? Who’s taking a new, innovative angle? What are the potential life-and-death issues to tackle before, not after giving patients a bot to talk to? These are our best articles to study up with, plus a bonus story that links to several health bots.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
more like this (@getmorelikethis)
Tweet or DM with something you like (tv, film, music, game) and I’ll suggest some othera you might enjoy.
real time bus (@realtimebus)
Timelapse videos of the last hour of New York’s buses. bot by @fitnr
SuperBot Conference - Dashbot Bot Meetup - San Francisco New Technology
Join us for SuperBot Conference where some of the biggest names in tech will talk about bots, analytics, and monetization. 
You’ll hear from developers who created and grew some of the most successful bots. Investors will provide insights on the funding environment and the future of bots. Big brands will talk about how bots are changing the way they connect with their customers and how they’re increasing conversions with analytics.
Building A Conversational Bot with Node - MiamiJS (Miami, FL)
Step into the world of Conversational Bots. Taking over platforms one by one, conversational bots are becoming the newest applications wanted and needed by consumers everyday. If you are wanting to learn how to get into the world of Conversation Bots, this talk is for you.
Telling stories with chatbots - Hacks/Hackers Birmingham
On May 12 we’ll be hosting a special Hacks/Hackers meetup at the BBC in the Mailbox in Birmingham to talk about bots and storytelling. Maria Crosas Batista, who has been working with bots for the past year, will be visiting the city to talk about her experiences, and Paul Bradshaw will be showing you how to make a Facebook Messenger chatbot. We’ve also got more details on a third speaker soon..
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